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Disclaimer: remember everything i say on here is for the book I’m writing. All characters, stories and elements are embellished for effect.

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Abusers and users always play victim when you don’t tolerate their abuse. Abuser: “Poor me, you don’t care about me.” Actual victim: “No, I loved you! I just have self-worth and know that I deserve to be treated better so I’m moving on.”
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Of course I try to make everything feel good for you from every angle. But you should do the same for me.
When you had plans to do something special for their birthday, then you realize you were a fool for considering doing that much for someone who doesn’t appreciate you.
My Twitter handle is Captain Underpants for anyone who can’t translate the above name. Look it up! It’s fiction! He is fiction. 🤣🤡
Every day the little battles of right and wrong. Truth vs. lies add up to create a good or corrupt society. Do your part, and be a good person. It makes a difference.
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NOW - Steel barricades outside Manhattan Criminal Court.
Robert Costa
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Damn, bye bye puppy.
wtf that dog do to the eagle 😭😭😭
On my hammock in this cold.
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In negotiations with Tom from MySpace, we’re going to crest it will be like Twitter except we only show you news that won’t hurt your feelings. We will create whatever alternate reality you want. Just don’t watch TV or any other social medias.
If you completely isolate yourself from reality, then you can create your own reality. - to the delusional people of the world.
I cut off the mother of my 2 children who was a financial partner/earner for being a bitch. And a 20 year old girl with nothing to offer but pussy and spending my money thinks I’ll take disrespect and lies? P.S.Never dump 2 girls at once because they’ll team up to obsess over you
I love how you learned to never lose from me, But you have to be honest with yourself and it’s a lesson not a blessing. What could you have done differently to make a better outcome. Be honest, be nice, say sorry are a few hints.
I never get tired of being nice. I know some people in the service industry hate it, and get exhausted of faking it. But what if I see a way to appreciate everyone, so it makes me happy putting smiles on people’s faces.
Too many politicians have been solely acting in their own interests… ie: whatever lobbyists have paid them to do above or below the table payments. We need politicians who do what’s best for their constituents and society in general.
“On Thursday, DeSantis announced that he had formed an alliance with the governors of AL, AK, AR, GA, ID, IA, MS, MO, MT, NE, NH, ND, OK, SD, TN, VT, WV, & WY to take a number of actions to interpose against Biden’s ESG agenda.”…
My childhood trauma: parents that never did anything they were supposed to, and were always late to everything…even my K graduation. So my trauma response has been to only make promises that I know I can keep, and to always keep them, and always be on time for the people I love.
Repeat after me: You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix stupid.
The brush strokes that I make, everyone sees.
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