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Is the next typhoon coming again? How about your town?The latest one was horrible in specially its blow back!At first I was thinking about other areas or slightly damaging.But it turned to be true and considerably hit our area!Just passing through around here,
the movement was very very slow! Nobody believed that it was over at that time!So dangerous!
The expressions which are announced "inexperienced","unimaginable"… from social medias always make me uneasy. But I'm really afraid of the actual situation,knowing the information about weather and necessities from them.
Recently bugs and worms are gathering on one plant a lot!Strong winds blowing during lower air pressure,I never felt like making sure about them!An immediate effect can be seen using an insecticide!
Green caterpillars were on each leave or twig.Wiping and removing with hands wearing gloves only made me hard the other day! The number of them were much more than last time.
Whoever advocates the inclination about diminishing COVID-19,I'm eager to keep in mind that I should prevent from catching them and other diseases!Let me repeat the basic ways of prevention,for example,washing my hands,gargling,wearing masks and so on!
I remember that it was too cold to do anything last winter!All the people around me were extremely afraid of their health!Soon after this autumn,the next winter comes again!The recognition of COVID-19 must be different from now in next winter!
While Yemen is struggling with conflicts supporting from foreign countries,I have heard that the oil and gas for their important industry and life have been stolen recently! I'm anxious about Yemeni and these problems.I hope that any invasion should be rejected!
I remember the time when we felt like taking off our masks because of getting the temperature higher,the information about monkeypox was reported.🎶At first,the patients who had some rashes and their symptoms were not so serious.But now it's different!
Well,to prevent from infection of COVID-19,we have put it into practice that we have kept washing our hands and gargling,avoiding gathering with many people directly,wearing mask,using transparent plastic sheets and so on!I'll take same way for preventing monkeypox!
Thank you for your advices!I would like to refer to this article immediately!I think that some will have had these symptoms from this heat wave term for the time being,others will recover from those symptoms quickly getting into the cold room. telegraph.co.uk/health-fitne…
If you need to take some medical care,you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.
This study shows that people who often intend to get the preferable performances and think many complicated things so difficultly and seriously sometimes need to take some rest.😉And I think that keeping the same postures also attack our bodies and causes chronic symptoms.🎶💕
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🛌The study’s author, Mathias Pessiglione, warned there are no shortcuts to stop your brain making you tired, with a nap the only cure. “I would employ good old recipes: rest and sleep,” he said. “There is good evidence that glutamate is eliminated from synapses during sleep.”
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