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OMG 馃挴馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
Nobody: DBs when theyre beat by 5 yards but Receiver drops a wide open pass:
Ken Dorsey randomly remembering the 2003 Fiesta Bowl mid-game
Nobody.... ...and we've explained this to Jeff countless times.... NOBODY... compares Jan 6th to 9/11 from the perspective of shock, devastation, loss of life,monetary damage, etc. These are apples and oranges. The event of each are uniquely significant. 1/
Anyone who says Jan. 6 was worse than 9/11 should watch "12 Strong."
9/11 was a horrifying unprecedented. event that nobody will forget 'Jan 6th' has more to do with what surrounded and led to it, and those events. The seriousness of Jan 6th really isn't about the show on Iive tv that we all saw. Comparing that to 9/11 is disingenuous.
So you like big business...
Big business is more and more 'anti-America': Josh Hawley foxnews.com/media/big-busine鈥
we kant kechums, bit gul durnits, dey be cheetins n shiut! Ah jis nose it!
Nevada is one of the worst for democrat cheating. That's not enough margin to get past their ballot harvesting.
Browns fans*...
Browns with a two score lead late
Why do you want a White History month?
I asked "what month is White History month" and the Left has a whole second thread calling me a racist. I just discovered it. It's ok. I'm called a racist for just being born with White skin. Used to it.
'Unless you like your medicine to inhibit a natural bodily process' Wait... what?
Birth control isn't medicine. Unless you like your medicine to inhibit a natural bodily process, create like a million side problems, and also maybe cause cancer.
'I have moderate to severe...'
1) No "heart" (with valves) at 6 weeks a) Electrical "cardiovascular activity" detectable by ultrasound, pulse recognized. 2) Heart/valves form 7 to 10 weeks a) Heart activity, opening and closing of valves begins "Heartbeat". 3) Transition from Embryo to Fetus at 10 weeks
Whaaaaaat hahaha manufactured by whom? Does she think some doctor is hiding behind the Doppler beatboxing into a microphone in perfect imitation of a heartbeat? Stacey Abrams is so deranged.
You never had the talent to be in Hollywood.
It鈥檚 such an honor to be blacklisted and hated in Hollywood. I will not sell my soul for a movie role or for a seat at the table.
Little children in elementary school are smart enough to know this is pure nonsense, from start to finish. So..how.... HOW does this guy have a cult following of tens of millions?
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"There doesn't have to be a process ... I declassified everything" -- Trump on how he declassified documents (this is false -- there is a process Trump didn't follow)
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Favorite part of the ruling so far. Basically telling Cannon: look, we could have just stopped here, but this is fun so we're gonna keep dunking on you for the next 12 pages.
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This isn't the same old tired argument from the cultists at all. Nope. "Oh yeah!?!?! I bet you don't even have a job, and you're ANTIFA! I bet you use dildos!!! boom!" I mean, holy shit hahahahahahahaha.
I don't have much time cuz I work. Unlike your leech ass feeding off the democratic system. Enjoy your evening Mr. Antifa For Life. Enjoy your bongs and dildos.
oh no, I'm so scared. The next civil war is coming and Eric is gonna kick some ass in it!
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Not even a photo of yourself. To puzzy to do it. Keep hiding. The next civil war will not be kind to you.
Internet tough guy here. I'd slap the shhhh out you
Imagine thinking... "I wonder what Elise Stefanik has to say about [insert ANYTHING here]!"
My statement on Tish James鈥 continued illegitimate witch hunt against President Trump.
Just.... imagine.... being this fcking mindless, while advertising your own "critical thinking skills"...
Just in case you didn't know ... This is happening on democraps watch! #MAGA 馃嚭馃嚫馃挴 if #45 was still at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Or the White House in case you don't know which I'm assuming you don't! This wouldn't be happening!!! So yes karma is a bitch and so are you Democraps !!!!
Are these real people???
What month is White History month?