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What holds our country back is this govt’s insane ideological commitment to being outside our biggest trading bloc resulting in more red tape, lorry queues, worker shortages. “Unashamedly pro business” Kwarteng declares. They haven’t listened to biz for 6 years. #ToryConference
Wow!!! Even @JDjanogly’s 19,383 majority would get wiped out and Labour would get in!
What *That* YouGov poll could look like in a General Election: LAB: 498 (+296) CON: 61 (-304) SNP: 36 (-12) LDM: 29 (+18) PLC: 4 (=) Others: 2 (+2) GRN: 1 (=) NI: 18 Labour Majority of 346
It needs to be recalled this afternoon.
Should Parliament be recalled to address the financial crisis triggered by the mini-budget?
.@SNAH4PV Does anyone know what our MP @jdjanogly’s view is? I can’t ask as he’s blocked me. I’ve emailed him but my emails are ignored as usual. I guess he’s super happy with the tax cuts? Is he happy with the impact of interest rates on his constituents?
FFS! This is what the Brexiters have brought us to. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has openly criticised Britain's new economic strategy and asked the government to reverse it. The ERG have turned us into some pariah rogue state that everyone knows is going down the tubes.
Presumably Putin does not want any of his successors to be able to turn the gas back on? I guess it weakens anyone thinking of replacing Putin?
BREAKING: Sweden has registered explosions by the Nord Stream pipelines. The first explosion took place on Monday slightly past 2:03 am, the second at 7:04 pm on the same day. One of the explosions measured 2.3 on the Richter scale.
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Dear @Keir_Starmer, Regardless of the amount of renewable energy you’ll not change the price until you fix the formula used for wholesale pricing. It’s set to allow the most expensive power station (gas fuelled) to make a fair margin. The marginal pricing formula is broken.
Wow! It only makes sense if you assume they are deliberately crashing the economy for their own financial gain. Surely nobody could be this incompetent and have become PM?
UK markets have lost at least $500 billion in combined value since Liz Truss took over as prime minister
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It’s not going to help the currency when we have a chancellor who believes his budget did not benefit the wealthy. Reality:- - Banker bonus cap removed - 45% tax rate removed on £150k+ salaries That looks like a benefit to me.
Kwarteng denies, straight to camera, that his tax cuts favour those at the top. Given such a denial of plain fact - is there actually any point in interviewing him?
Rory, is this disrespectful and very odd behaviour some sort of Eton tradition? If not, what do you think was going on? @campbellclaret @RoryStewartUK @RestIsPolitics
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Complete media blackout Tan Just look at the reaction to #KwasiKwarteng behaviour from both Suella Braverman and Carrie Johnson Suella looks at him in disbelief He's off his head on something #queensfuneral
Very odd behaviour for a funeral shown in this clip and very strange during the 2 minute silence. What’s going on?
Kwasi Kwarteng will no doubt claim it is all a deep fake as he is caught on camera making a personal call and having a laugh during the Queen's funeral But this isn't #thecapture
Hi, @GreaterCambs, @CambsPboroCA, @NikJohnsonCA remember that city car tax you proposed last week with the promise of improved rural bus services…well it looks like many current Stagecoach services are being slashed from the end of October. What’s going on?
Devastating rural bus cuts. We were shocked at the scale of @Stagecoach_East cuts, details of which were submitted (coincidentally?) on the Friday preceding a Bank Holiday, when many are focussed on the Royal Funeral.…
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Charter Cities are on their way…It’ll be interesting to see how Starmer, Labour and the unions respond to this. Anything other than “we’ll oppose it and reverse it on day 1” will let it happen. The £ will be hammered.…
If the government are ok breaking international treaties with the NIP bill why don't they break, or renegotiate, the Blair era renewable obligation contracts that allow renewable companies to charge the same as gas fuelled power stations despite costing 8x less to produce?
Genius. It highlights the ridiculous nonsense that Kuenssberg and others let the politicians get away with in every interview. We need more of this truth!
Big fan of @joelycett refusing to take an unserious person seriously
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Here is the video in which Prof Patrick Minford (the bizarre economist godfather of Brexit) said that Brexit would cut the cost of living by 8% on day 1. Yes. He actually said that — and you can watch it here. 👇
Raven Cozens-Hardy
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Hi @pimoroni please can you make a Pico Hat that takes 240VAC (to power Pico) and has a single mains rated changeover relay. I want to start doing some smart power control to keep electricity costs under control.
Patrick Minford (Truss's favoured economist) predicted an 8% drop in the cost of living on day one after leaving the EU. That didn't work out too well! These are the people still advising Truss today.