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#AEWDynamite next card doesn’t look great. A dumb tag team with over wwe guys with tony khan kids. Jay lethal vs Darby Allin might be good. MJF will try to work with wheeler utah lol. Another dumb womens match
Didn’t like Rush vs short John Silver. Dork order are just weird and not taken seriously. Another run in. Use Adam hangman Page to get talent over like Rush. But the ex wwe guys cannot win. Someone has to do a job for AEW #AEWRampage Cesaro/Moxley/Britt Baker
Least Lee Moriarty got a much needed win against jobber Fuego de sol. The firm “got their sh*t in” #AEWRampage
Another competitive 15 minute match with The Acclaimed in a get this 3 way with butcher and the blade. And profit privates. Good way to bury your tag team champs. #AEWRampage
Nothing new. Still Tony Khan retarded booking. Willow Nightingale “hulk hogan” went 13 minutes with Jamie Hayter. Britt Baker stole the match like always. #AEWRampage Nyla Rose will wrestle Jane Cargill because
Watched the Dahmer series on Netflix. Thoughts. Always liked Evans Peters great role. Liked bringing up Ed Gein. John Wayne Gacy cameo. But the behavioral and physical traits seemed right. Course hollywood going to put their spin
#WelcometoWrexham S1 E10 I credit Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for touching the subject of hooliganism. Personally I wouldn’t give them the time of day but was good showing a banned fan
They didn’t make him take the field. If you can’t walk across the line don’t. Injuries happen. Prayers Tua. Hope the Cardinals QB is watching
Damn Tua… mane throwing up YSL
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I’m blaming Vinny. Women be crazy. Pauly D breaking the door down was crazy as well. Did Nikki need to dump the whole bottle of wine? Did Angelina have to throw water? #JSFamilyVacation
The 1930’s is back
Sage Steele, Michelle Beadle, Rachel Nichols, Maria Taylor, and now Malika Andrews. Anyone noticing the pattern? Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity does not produce Utopia or even a better culture. It produces anarchy, chaos, & grievance. It's unfair to the people it claims to help.
I’ve seen some bad shows but tonight tops them going on a year now. CM Punk, JR, Chris Jericho intrigued me. Tonight we got 5 quash matches with stupid WWE segments. Tonight was the worst by far #AEWDynamite no Wardlow, FTR, PowerHouse Hobbs, Acclaimed moved to Rampage
Lol! You’ll never guess it. Chris Jericho Kevin Sullivan beats Bandido. #AEWDynamite no hard out. Jericho says some nonsense. He announces a match in his home Canada
Forgot to say. Willow Nightingale known jobber chased away Jamie Hayter. They teased a Jamie Hayter turn to being run off by a jobber. What a joke #AEWDynamite
Omg!!! Tony Khan did it!!! He put The Acclaimed on #AEWRampage he’s totally troll mode. Least Rush is getting more tv time against short John Silver. #AEWDynamite finally 20 minutes left so main event. Bandido vs Chris Jericho
FTR are not on tv and private profits are with Matt Hardy. That seems up this show tonight. #AEWDynamite wow Ricky Starks is here. He’ll get a jobber as well. Looks like they’re all quash matches tonight. Course the jobber is black as well Kaun
Right on que! Tight time. Toni Storm wins her quash match against deeb. Hold on people one more squash left 30 minutes in. Chris Jericho aka Kevin Sullivan vs Bandido. Wow The acclaimed? Why are they on tv? #AEWDynamite
Ewen Bremner as Spud in the hilarious interview scene from TRAINSPOTTING (1996).
Omg!!! They even put paige on commentary??? Was she like roddy piper or something? I just know her from her leaks with Xavier woods. So this must be another Tony Khan vanity thing? #AEWDynamite toni storm and Serena deeb finally start the match
Yeah more talking. Paige is baby I guess? DMD says the things she says. Wow this show is slow so slow #AEWDynamite eventually Toni Storm will quash Serena Deeb