I'm just a guy who likes to express himself in art and prose as a hobby. I also enjoy fiddling about with Ubuntu and I play MMORPGs. Welcome to the Afrodiseum.

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I have actual art, just not on my walls. They are boxed because they are in spiral bound books, or they are in manilla folders 馃搨.
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When I was a kid, I always wanted to own one of these.
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Looks like Caprain Nemo's Nautilus.
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You make it sound like that's a bad thing. 馃檪
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Well, if I have to marry a political sign, I guess there's nothing else for it.
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Gaussian blur?
But wasn't he decked out in flak jackets? He was shot by a security guard but wasn't hurt.
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In my experience, I'm fairly certain the guy holding the sign can check off more than a few boxes himself.
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Considering some of the comments on @Crunchyroll, I'd say this is true.
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Coronary infarction in 3.... 2.... 1....
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Well, not liking something different is baseline human behavior.
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The bartender at Mos Eisley Cantina. Dudes' gotta have a million crazy stories.
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As a Penn Stater, I've ridden through Deep Pennsylvania Back Country on more than one occasion. And you, sir, are quite correct.
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Amazon. The king of the guilt trip.
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Yeah, the pillar (obelisk?) has been there all the time. It's kind superfluous since so many mobs drop it in Mooshu. There's also stocks inside the Jade Palace near the door.
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Gotta remember to boot up my Chromebook this week.
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Wow, I had no idea that housing design in Wizaed101 could be this sophisticated.
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I still have mine.