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Kids if you don’t want to be like him don’t take drugs it’s bad
Unpopular opinion but I agree that Mandy Rose has a better running knee than Kenny Omega The difference is simple Mandy Rose had proper training at the WWE PC Omega trained in the indies against dolls & kids Just saying
It’s really clear that you never watch a Kenny Omega match to tweet dumb shit like that
she does this move better than kenny omega and i’m deadass serious
Another great segments involving KO
It’s a match no one wanted Jimmy
It’s disgusting that some people would be ok with Logan Paul having a competitive match against Romain Reigns
Can’t wait another W for Daddy Trips
🗣 WarGames is coming to #SurvivorSeries! For the first time in WWE history, WarGames Matches will headline Survivor Series on Nov. 26, as first reported by @ringer. ms.spr.ly/6019j2sZc
WarGames on the main roster fuck yeah
The podcast and the setup should of never happened Shit decision to have Logan Paul face Roman Reigns Like this is me
The fact that Logan Paul is facing Romain Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universel Championship is absolutely disgusting🤮. I hope it’s a sqash and it should be if not it will make all prior challenges look bad
Logan Paul vs Romain Reigns makes me want to puke in my mouth🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Even USA Network and Sportsnet knows that Omos sucks😂😂😂
Dumb tweet
Replying to @problemsthots
are you serious? alexa bliss and liv morgan are 100x worse but still over with the crowd.
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Let’s do a poll who’s side you on...
45% team punk
55% team elite
367 votes • Final results
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He’s is Maxwell Jacob Friedman and he is better than you and you know it
Great tag team between Swerve in our Glory and The acclaimed easily the 3rd best match of the weekend
This guy seriously doesn’t know who MJF his😂😂😂
Who tf is that?
Thank you Abyss for that master class in violence
Now that Drew vs Romain is over its time for the American Nightmare to fulfill his destiny
If you did not like Sheamus vs Walter i advise you stop watching wrestling
Sheamus and Walter just had a match of the year candidate