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Here's Obama's sainted hero who was shot and killed by police (according to the Washington Post).
He has that glow about him.
Too bad...
BREAKING: Psaki to leave Biden Admin for MSNBC amid collapsing approval rating, policy disasters, criminal investigation of President's son
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Jen Psaki is really good at her job.
Because it's way too complicated for American political reporters to understand and report fairly. Much easier to read DNC handouts and ridicule Bad Orange Man.
America, do you know Biden’s Administration is purchasing 700,000 barrels per day of Russian oil?
State of the Union speech. The average American reaction:
Whitmer when Trump threatened to send the feds to stop riots in Detroit. vs. Whitmer when Canadian truckers peacefully protest vaccine mandates.
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Overheard in our newsroom. "I've been a cameraman for over 40 years and I've never seen anything like this. Usually during a protest, they used to understand the power of the media and grant us prime locations to film it. But this is different. Now they see us as the enemy."
Every time this guy goes on TV you're now gonna think: Watermelon Head!
You have to remind yourself as you stick up your nose that U.S. government-approved home Covid testing swab from China. What a great way to give the virus to the careful, uninfected, unsuspecting and regime-trusting American.
Communist China is NOT our friend.
Serious question. Is Hunter Biden still getting $50,000/month from the Ukraine energy company, Burisma? Why is this not a conflict of interest, especially since Dems might want American blood to defend his interests.
Serious question. Is Hunter Biden still on Burisma holdings board?