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Would the Leftists in the media lie about something this serious?
@ScottAdamsSays: Let me correct something you've said on your two last programs about the latest Star Trek series. It's NOT StarTrek: Discovery. That is a different series that has some of the same elements. The one you're referring to is Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Both are
prequels to the original Star Trek series and both had actor Anson Mount as "Capt. Christopher Pike". You'll remember that actor Jeff Hunter played "Pike" in the original Star Trek. In this iteration, "James Kirk" is a young officer who so far hasn't been seen much. This
series takes place on the USS Enterprise. Star Trek Discovery took place on the USS Discovery. Hope that clears this up. Listen to your podcasts daily and join in on the Simultaneous Sip.
So, how many NRA members in that age group committed gun homicides?
It's literally in his job description.
It’s exactly his job. And well done!
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Give 'em Sen. Sanders' addresses for his three vacation homes. All are apparently vacant.
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The brightest and the best?
Stop worrying about how much more money billionnaires are making than your crime family, Joe, and feed our babies.
Right now, the average billionaire—there are about 790 of them or so in America—has an average federal tax rate of 8%. No billionaire should be paying a lower tax rate than a teacher, a firefighter, an electrician, or a police officer.
How’s The Big Guy gonna get his payoffs?
Wait. Don't members of the Party of Science all believe men can lactate?
'DISCONNECTED FROM REALITY': @laurenboebert says anyone who claims men can get pregnant is a 'lying, dog-faced pony soldier.'
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I might pencil in Michael Shellenberger on your list.
I think colleges invented women's studies programs as a place they could send the shews on campus and keep them out of business and engineering departments. But I could be wrong.
Why should MSNBC/CNN/NYT/WAPO cover the Sussman case. They all knew it was phony but helpful in riding themselves of that troublesome Trump.
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Well said, comrade.
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Calling Elon Musk anti-science is the stupidist thing I've heard since science-worshipping Democrats insisted men could lactate.