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Today is my birthday. All I want is the violence to stop. Patrick once said, "Just be nice".
These mofos scare the shit out of me
I would like to see federal trials be televised. I would like term limits. I would like to see politicians be held accountable and punished like the rest. National standards on punishment. Helps to eliminate biases, prejudices and racism.
My take on guns. I like guns, grew up with guns and work with guns. Something does need to be done to better this right. The victims/family members of gun violence, I'm sorry and I cannot relate to what you're going through. I wished I had the permanent solution馃槱
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Words of wisdom from Rich. If you're on time, you're late. Make good decisions. Reduce, reuse & recycle. Use protection. Don't drink & drive. Thank you and have a great and safe weekend.
44 y/o still doing things. #SF
The lastest on the Depp-Teard case
$17? That's right. This little thing was $17.
Not even his birthday lol
How is someone going to write and or produce multiple flop films going to act like their馃挬 don't stink? The audacity to say, "don't waste my time", during the interview.馃枙
Cops help people get in law enforcement. Military members help people. Nurses help. Mechanics help. Carpenters, paralegals and cashiers help. People in Hollywood, it's fuck off and drown bitch.
Go from 11b to 19d to 88m to 92a. Go from welding to security to L.E. to court officer. Why do I pick low paying dangerous jobs? No help from anyone to get better, so guess I'll go back to making sure you are safe to sleep in your homes and your constitutional rights are kept馃憤