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I never hid the body, I just failed to report that I murdered the guy. Do See how that doesn't change the crime?
If the Democrats want to ban something.. maybe they could ban the word Bro. Such a stupid overused word.
Well, thanks for the info, Captain Obvious.
Hey Xi, Putin's never gunna fuck you.
I'm not PHOBIC... I just don't like YOU.
AI is the next step in political correctness. Try it out. It's literally going to tell you what's appropriate and what's not appropriate regardless of your viewpoint even on the most miniscule of topics. Fuck AI.
We just saw what happened to the prices of food, fuel, energy and housing when the "rich" pay more for things. So, why do liberal pretend that taxing the rich is immune to this TRICKLE DOWN economic action???? They're DUMBFUCKS, that's why they pretend! DUMBFUCKS!
Those who are demanding civil war should be handed a weapons and sent to the front lines. Those that are funding those demanding civil war should be given no weapon and stand alongside them.
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PSA for the drag + trans community: We never wanted to control what you did until drag queens started doing half naked sexual dances for kids and trans people started pushing to go to the same bathroom with kids & give them sex changes. Leave kids alone and we’ll leave you alone!
Dear REAL Women, Woke companies like @Hersheys think you don't matter. In fact, they think MEN are so much better than you, women, that they celebrate WOMEN'S DAY with MEN dressed up as women. Just when you thought the glass ceiling was cracking, companies come along and tell……
Hey @elonmusk The twitter feed sucks! Everything is hours old even if I just refreshed the feed and then see a "35 new tweets" and I click it... the "new" is from YESTERDAY. WTH dude?
Just think... The Russia-Ukraine conflict could end ASAP if the world would quit spending our money on it.
Dear WOKE corporations. You have no obligation to honor, acknowledge, promote or advertise for ANY agenda, left or right. When you do, you are part of the DIVISION IN AMERICA. Does this make you feel good? How about you SHUT UP AND DO YOUR JOB.
Let's understand something. A man who would dress up as a scantily clad woman and "dance" around in front of children is not a person you want within 100 miles of your child. PERIOD.
How to show people your rag is a piece of shit. Now we're picking on fucking animation? Get a fucking life @CBR
So, she's unhappy that her customers won't participate in theft from her employer. Got it.
If you pretend that inflation is a tax when you look at your grocery bill, you will understand why raising taxes on corporations doesn't make sense. When they pay more, you pay more. It doesn't matter if it's a tax or it's inflation.
It would appear that where I live the price of air at a service station has gone from free or 25 cents to a whopping $2. Inflation is real.
Next time a liberal tells you they were elected to LEAD THE PEOPLE... remind them they were elected to LEAD THE COUNTRY to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.
#SaveTheEnvironment by sawing down the rain forest! Way to go to assholes like @GretaThunberg
I’m so pleased to share that The Climate Book is now available in the USA and Canada! I have gathered the wisdom of over one hundred contributors to highlight the many different crises we face and equip us with the knowledge we need to avoid a climate disaster. 1/2
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How can @OpenAI be considered ANY FORM of AI when every freaking answer is drenched in so much liberal bullshit I can hear the barnyard animals. It works just like a liberal. It ignores FACTS and creates a NARRATIVE that's DIRECTLY OPPOSITE of reality. #AISucks #openai…