The Jerry Garcia if Anarchism. Jerry鈥檚 not dead, man. We are all Subcomandante Jerry.

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so I updated my iPhone but now the touchscreen isnt responding to anything. Any tips?
I'm gonna show you all exactly how Julia Serano defines her own term, transmisogyny.
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What a dude. If we ever cross paths I鈥檒l buy you a beer, or an intoxicant of your choice, my sea screaming Irish friend.
we should listen to this guy
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It鈥檚 official, I know how to field strip an AR-15 now
Y鈥檃ll stole $22,000 worth of product from the store where I work last quarter. I bet if we all do our best as a team we can get that up to at least $25,000 this quarter.
The tankies are really on one today
Maybe putting people in forced labor camps is bad no matter who鈥檚 doing it?
If I end up working at this grocery store when another rush on supplies happens, watch for me on worldstar.
I鈥檓 gonna hog that mad dog and also complain that it鈥檚 not the blue flavor the whole night.
You go to a party and you see this.. what do you do?
I would encourage people to read about the Fort Smith trial from the late 80s for context. There is a fantastic chapter about it in Leonard Zeskind鈥檚 Blood and Politics which I also cannot recommend enough.
BREAKING Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes arrested, he and 10 others charged with seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 Capitol breach. w/ @DevlinBarrett鈥
Gonna get on this dude鈥檚 level pretty soon.
The Daily News and The Independent, Santa Barbara, California, November 12, 1918
Waiting for the new wave of radicalized trainhoppers to make their appearance.
Employees of the largest freight railroad network on the continent just declared a strike 馃憞
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Conservatives love to talk about grocery stores not being stocked to criticize socialism, but so much of my job at a grocery store involves shifting product on shelves to make it look like there鈥檚 way more than there actually is.
Why the fuck do tankies exist? Like what tf is the point?
Maybe idgaf if the symptoms are 鈥渕ilder鈥 maybe I just don鈥檛 want to get sick because being sick fucking sucks. Ever think of that?
Y鈥檃ll remember that one summer when we tried to get rid of cops because they kill too many people, and then the cops killed a bunch of people and nothing changed?
I keep coming back to this phrase I saw in an argument thread between an anarchist I follow and some MLs where the anarchist comrade said 鈥淭he Bolshevik鈥檚 WERE the counter-revolution鈥 (emphasis mine)
鈥淒on鈥檛 forget the human behind the screen鈥 yeah I think they鈥檙e a fucking asshole and I hope they choke on their next meal.