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He/Him. Unpaid public servant/superhero, knighted by QEII, & candidate for Prime Minister. LGBTQ+/BLM/Human rights are for everyone.

British Columbia, Canada.
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When the first anti mask rallies started occurring in my small town people were screaming about their rights, so I would ask if they can name 3 responsibilities without googling. They never can, so I just give them one of these cards I had printed to help. #FreedomConvoy2022
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Most Canadians support the convoy and they want their freedom back!", proclaims the paltry Plasticwrap Posse from their perch on Parliament Hill. #Pathetic #GoHome #GetAHobby #GoToTherapy
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Hope they have enough oxygen in there.
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I'm a cis, white, Gen X, male and I'm aware of my privilege. If you are indigenous, black, LGBTQ+, or any other marginalized member of society, please know that I will not stand with or beside you. I will stand in front of you and help push forward until we all have human rights
Rewatching the original Law & Order series from the beginning and was thinking if they tried to remake the series today, half the episodes' plot would be destroyed before the opening scene finished because everyone has a cell phone, thus averting many disasters. #LawAndOrder
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The feminine urge to scream "THIS IS UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE"
Political violence is not ok, from anyone. Do not let this become normalized, it is a threat to democracy.
This makes me ashamed as a Canadian. To the people that do this, cut it out, get a hobby, and go to therapy.
Can we just put out a mass email to everyone who has ever held elected office to immediately return any and all classified documents to NARA and be done with this shit? #ClassifiedDocuments #NationalSecurity
Can we make stabbing people out of office a thing because so far no one seems overly concerned about being voted out of office? #CanadaHealthAct #HandsOffOurHealthcare #Stabby
All of Canada 🇨🇦 should be protesting privatized healthcare. Retweet if you agree!
Fuck Trudeau? No. Fuck you.
“This is a message to right leaning people of Canada, you are single handedly to blame for everything wrong in Canada right now…”👇👇👇👇👇#dougford #PierrePoilievre #ontario #loblaws #inflation @fordnation @PierrePoilievre @mini_bubbly
What would it be titled? The Disinformation of Life or The Alternative Facts of Life? 🤣😬🤨😕😥
Who do you have to fvck around here to get a Facts Of Life reboot?
Benjamin Allan 🇨🇦 🇺🇦 Canadian/Ukrainian retweeted
Who do you think is going to win "The F**king Audacity" award for worst MLK post tomorrow?
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34 years later Milli Vannili finally sheds it's cloak of shame as the world's largest frauds as George Santos reveals it was him all along. #GeorgeSantos #RepublicansLieAboutEverything #MilliVannili