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Unions built what litter protections American works now have, when we ignore the will of the people is when democracy falls.
In a major win for labor unions, Michigan just became the first state in more than half a century to repeal a right-to-work law.
Perverts are created with this type of perversion on the human body, why is the human body sees as something to be undignified, seems to be driven from their owner inners lustful selves.
This man is a member of the DeSantis school censorship group “Moms for Liberty.”…
once a liar and thief, generally always a liar and thief.
"The Times sent a reporter to the Doral on Thursday to see if the portrait was still stored in this obscure spot. Yes, there it was, next to yoga mats piled up to one side and collecting dust. The purple foam patch the portrait is resting on, ostensibly to protect the gold frame,…
A great humanitarian.
Kentucky's Democratic governor, Andy Beshear, has vetoed a Republican bill to ban transgender youths from gender-affirming health care and restrict public toilets they use.
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They had to portray Natives as “godless savages.” Because when you dehumanize an entire race of people — it makes it much more easier to genocide them. Native history IS U.S history. Teach it. All of it. To hopefully — prevent its repetition.
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Yes, they seem to deny all he was and is, truly they promote the worst type of Evil
How long you think it'll take for Christian Republicans to realize that Jesus was the wokest guy of all time? Seriously, the anti-woke crap is peak ridiculous.
In his argument against gun reform, GOP Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas noted there were more deaths from alcohol and car accidents. But those are both heavily regulated, and you need a license AND insurance to drive. RT if you agree Republicans must stop putting #GunsOverAmerica.
BREAKING: Court rules that parents of the mass shooter who killed four students at a Michigan school can stand trial for manslaughter because they gave him a gun and failed to take him out of school despite violent drawings of him using it on people. RT IF YOU SUPPORT THE COURT!
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Anyone surprised: Joe Harding, former Florida Republican lawmaker authored "Don't Say Gay" bill faces 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to federal felony fraud charges in a scheme to obtain $150,000 in COVID-19 relief funds,
BREAKING: A MAGA attorney from Georgia is convicted of a felony and multiple misdemeanors for his role in the bloody Jan. 6th insurrection — his social media activity and his cellphone proved that he was involved. RT IF AN ATTORNEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!
“At the root of it, the source of all of these problems is Trump and the Republicans who have—and continue to—enable him Yet for some reason, we assume that those actions are inevitable and only Democrats have agency.”
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President Biden is designating Avi Kwa Ame in Nevada as a National Monument – protecting 506,814 acres of land, honoring Tribal Nations and Indigenous people, and growing America’s outdoor recreation economy.
BINGO! Ron DeSantis is a dangerous fascist, plain and simple…
BREAKING: The city of Torrance pays out $750,000 to a Jewish man who sued because two cops allegedly spray-painted a swastika on his car — further proof that American police forces are riddled with white nationalists. RT IF YOU THINK THAT COPS SHOULD PAY OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS!
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We can expect noting les from a spawn of Satan
Trump will hold his 1st campaign rally in Waco on the 30th ANNIVERSARY of the siege in which feds were murdered & 86 died bc of a deranged cult leader He’s sending a message He wants his lemmings to fight & die for him While he twiddles his tiny thumbs & watches the world burn
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Happy Mother's Day! We're celebrating with a look back at one of our favourite animal mum photos from over the years - beautiful Zuri and her cub ❤️ #MothersDay #HappyMothersDay #WoburnSafariPark
Trump doubles down on the big lie and defends the violence he incited. So which Republicans--elected officials, other presidential candidates, donors, writers--will say that Trump cannot be president again? That they will not support him? That country comes first?
New video from RAP: Trump and Tucker's Big Lie.
Which means It will Not Air In America, Disney in America is fir children. Terrible
#DrRomantic3 will be on Disney+ instead of Netflix?! 🥲🥲🥲
Ok all I can ask for is just ji ho any where,time or place
[INFO] JTBC reported earlier that #JuJiHoon will appear in the drama adaptation of the webtoon #ShopOfTheLamp by #KangFull. But H& Entertainment said today that it’s just one of the proposed works & nothing has been decided yet. It’s about the living & underworld that intersect+
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Another milestone !! #ThroughTheDarkness is the only kdrama that is shortlisted under the Best Entertainment Program category of the New York Film Festival! Cheering for #KIMNAMGIL and the rest of the the TTD team! 🙌 #악의마음을읽는자들 #김남길 📌…