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This dude legit deleting comments to avoid call outs.
Aside from providing support for victims, this is my last word on the RS aspect. People should at least know that my intentions are good, and I guess it's a lesson learned in trying to defend myself against a group that never cared to hear my side.
Everywhere I go, I see and hear his beatbox
Oh thank god, I thought It was going to be dream stans going crazy because the dream announcement trending.
Wtf is vore trending?
Why is Ebola trending for United states?
Teletubbies more like SLENDYTUBBIES
Me: Hey, Notch is trending I wonder if he's ok dealing hard times from the past years. Looking replies and tweets Me: Ok cancel culture you really going out of the line this time. I see gizzy is part of the cancel culture, and I am disappointed in this new minecraft fandom.
Aye I was looking at #FNAF from Scott to see comments and there's spammers or bots going after the guy. This is something much worse than I thought about this drama. This is the beginning and still going with bunch of them. #istandbyscott
This is how crazy they are in the comments.
Me: looking at what's trending Corpse fangirls aka trying to look edgy, but being cringe like undertale sans fangirl: OMG IT'S #corpsetwtselfieday let us look sad with poses that make us look cool. Me: When I make this tweet remember me because I be triggering the stans.
Chapter 1 is trending, so I look what is up and see horse porn
Me when purple guy is trending, but it's not fnaf:
Since PlayStation 3, psp, and vita stores are closing. They should add all of ps1, ps2, and ps3 in ps5 or something. It's the best way to have old games to play, and don't have to try find a old game you want in physical disk that might be rare today. Sony should add them in ps5.
#FREEQUACKITY @Roblox Come on roblox you allow gore and not kid friendly games in it why ban him because of what he was doing? I play games on it, some people kinda say funny stuff like adult jokes through text. You also need to stop censoring words that are not cus like RED.
#DOOMEternalBATTLEMODE #XboxShare @DOOM I think theres a bug at the final part
Scalpers with bots when #walmart ps5 is about to come on stock.