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I am the Democrat running against Republican Jim Jordan. Jim Jordan supports Trump over Ohio. Help me beat him! Please retweet, follow me to get us to 63K followers and join our fight to defeat Jim Jordan.
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Would this be considered passive aggressive? How convenient to want to affect / offend someone, and yet not look them in the eye….Great look on a Sunday church lot
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As of today, every Republican leader in Oklahoma would be defending Timothy McVeigh. @RepBice should resign along with the other anti-government radicals. Go down to 5th and Robinson and remember what happens when extremist are allowed to spew lies. @kfor @TheOklahoman_
The only thing that benefits Trump right now is the silence. He always takes full advantage of writing / lying a false narrative…Hopefully, more of his crimes will be able to be exposed in a really timely manner
She taking a page out of Trump’s playbook….She’s wearing a big hat to make her head look small…Seems she has a very big brain
Outside Mar-a-Lago, a concerned citizen wants to know why the FBI isn’t doing anything about Hillary’s emails or Hunter’s laptop.
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I truly wonder if Mark Meadows has flipped. He was a representative for Trump to the National Archives & was seen burning papers after meeting with Scott Perry. That makes Meadows the common denominator between the MAL search yesterday and the seizure of Perry's phone today.
Knock, Knock….Who’s There…. ….FBI
For Revenge….They just don’t say it yet
Does someone want to break the news to him about the Kennedys?
The Trump family is the most persecuted family in American history. The deranged left, the RINOs, and the rest of the Deep State, have targeted this family for 7 years. Why? Because the Trump’s want to Make America Great Again & the Swamp wants our country to go to hell.
Why aren’t we hearing “ If I can be prosecuted for a crime, why shouldn’t the President?”
‘If the FBI can raid a president imagine what they can do to you’ is one of the stupidest lines I’ve ever heard. I’m pretty sure we can all imagine what the FBI can to do us when we break the law, that’s why most of us aren’t like, umm, criminals. @GOP
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Don’t let Trump write the narrative. They will believe ANYTHING he says. They are already using the words: raid, corrupt, etc…Trump is using these words…This was authorized search warrant
Watching the “I love Trump daddy more than you” show…Magas trying to outdo each other with feigned outrage…No worries, I’m sure he’s having a ball watching it. He’s just that stupid.
He can’t even scratch and sniff the other one anymore
BREAKING: Donald Trump's personal library was destroyed in the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago. Both books are sadly beyond repair, and he hadn't even finished coloring one in yet.
I am so tired of hearing the “outrage & shock” by republicans. They are screaming “if it can happen to him”..Yes, thank God it can happen to anyone who chooses to break the law….They are pulling out the “What about”. Not one Republican is asking about specifics. They know
Take a civics class….Learn your laws….hire a cult deprogrammer
“Guys, I’m pissed .. This is Gestapo crap, and it will not stand!”
Is it just me or does this look TFG & his new rug!?!
This needs to be RT'ed endlessly!
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Requirement for membership: Post menopausal & cotton top hair
You probably heard CPAC attendees this weekend picked trump for president. “Who votes at CPAC?” you may have wondered. Well, here👇you go. #TrumpCult
I’m sure the insurrectionists he ratted out, are so proud of his bringing their plight to the public…Math problem…How many people does it take to inform on, to avoid jail?