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Who is Fica, and why is he taking all my money?
Without fail, our 18 year old team members always tell us we messed up on payroll after their first paycheck. “I am supposed to be making $22 per hour but the net amount seems much lower” - Their world is shattered when we tell them about taxes.
elon musk is so smart that he now has twitter demanding he buy them how will the woke employees feel about that?…
Right. And then we could sue the government every time they lie to us, right? And every politician who lies to us, because they wouldn't have that Constitutional Right anymore....
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Another of the Good Things in Life....
Your hyperbole is flawed, and completely inconsistent with rational thought.
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They took Marxist Theory, and instead of "proletariat" and "bourgeois" they say "oppressor" and "oppressed." They then weave a story about how "one day" the "oppressed" will rise and take the power, and the "oppressors" will pay. Remember the Kulaks!…
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While I know the activists who are delusional will lambaste this, it's a reasoned conversation about the subject. That it reaches different conclusions from the "trans community" obviously makes it evil, because cults have no room for doubt.…
This is 100% exactly what I expected the head of the Ministry of Truth to look like.