You can call it whatever you like, sport. It doesn't change the fact that global life support systems are being dismantled by CO2 emissions, no matter how many times your deny the facts.
CO2 IS the global life support system! Without it, we ALL DIE. Plants love higher CO2 Levels, and they also love WARMER CLIMATE - where are the rain-forests, at the polls? Animals LOVE warmer climate too, as the various evolutionary explosions demonstrate.
Bullshit. CO2 is now going towards 420ppm, which will wreak havoc on the global eco system as we know it if it keeps going. Your gibberish is the exact opposite of what the scholars are saying.
A quick check of "historical" CO2 levels will show that we are currently in a "starvation" state.

Jan 19, 2022 · 6:56 PM UTC