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Ignorance isn't good for making policy.
HOW? I'm still waiting to hear what law they could pass to prevent these things - other than SCHOOL SECURITY.
1) they are magazines. 2) the header of the magazine is universal - I can make a magazine that holds 50 or 100 or 200 bullets, so your statement is irrelevant.
People with no or partial information tweet their stupidity - and we only have partial information for the first 24 to 48 hours. So I'm willing to forgive idiots who claim it was a white supremacist, or an anti-racist, or even a trans guy in that time frame.
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Not sure which school of Military Strategy you graduated from, but I suspect it was based in Hollywood....
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The problem is that school buildings are not fortresses - children and others need to go out to the playground, and in and out for other reasons. Any egress would need an alarm, or else it could be used as an entrance by a hostile person.
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My first reaction was horror at the carnage, followed by sympathy for the families of the victims and outrage at the perpetrator. YOUR first reaction is to upend over 200 years of civil rights in a country you clearly don't understand. Your opinion has been noted.
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This case is why "Midnight Express" should be required viewing for all international travelers. Foreign countries don't care about YOUR 'progressive take' on drug laws.
And I saw a bunch of tweets yesterday by people claiming the shooter was a rage filled white supremacist and/or an oppressed minority kid killing the children of white supremacists. Nobody should tweet for the first 24 hours, IMHO.
Thank God most schools are gun-free zones, right?
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Would such a check have prevented this shooting? Really? Tell me how...
The first thing you learn when you start "shooting" is how much ammo you can go through in a couple of hours of practice. To require a background check every time you bought ammo would be outrageously cumbersome, and essentially restrict ownership to the rich.
The average person doesn't have access to automatic weapons. Semi-Automatic [1 shot per trigger pull] is the standard. Revolvers or pistols or AR-15s are ALL "semi-automatic" weapons under US Classifications. Getting "full" automatic requires extensive/expensive licensing.
That said, YES THEY ARE saying we can't have guns. "They" have been demanding the banning of guns for years under a variety of euphemisms. During the 2020 election cycle, they even said it out loud (c.f. Beta O'Rourke).
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We don't allow that, and if you believe we "allow it" then you're an idiot. Free People are only free to the extent they can defend themselves from enemies both foreign and domestic. If only the government has guns - well, look at Mao and USSR for that result.
Right - because finding out for yourself whether GLAAD is over-reacting means you might come to a different conclusion, and we can't have THAT in the echo chamber, can we?
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Found the sourpuss with no sense of humor who has to make everything about THEMSELVES.
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So they don't charge any money for anything?