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Colorado native. Not typically a huge tweeter, more of a replier. I probably hit that like button way too often.

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<narrator voice> He did not, in fact, expect more of himself in the future.
This and the comments had me rolling!
you watch ANY dateline and you learn real quick there's nothing more dangerous than "lighting up a room". it's on every episode. that's why i don't light up anything. i make places worse when i get there
Darn. I was really getting excited about maybe not having that toxic woman repping Colorado. Not looking good.🙄
ARG!!! 62 votes. Every tally is aging me even more...#FrischForTheWinPlease
So sad and devastating for so many families out there. As someone who had to deal with miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, I cannot imagine the hell some will have to go through now in certain states. #RoeVsWade
Important point here...also a good follow.
THREAD One final thing re: today's news. While almost everyone has addressed choke/carotid holds in policing by now... ...very few states have addressed prolonged prone restraint. This is a problem.
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😳😬 I didn't realize this was an issue, but after it happens to a person once, I would think steps would be taken to ensure it does *not* happen again!
Cross-country skier suffers frozen penis in mass start race…
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I would assume this is happening all over the place, and not just here.
NEW: DougCo's School Board president said today that Superintendent Corey Wise was fired, in part, for not quashing rumors that the board gutted the equity policy. Today, a PAC backing the conservative majority appeared on FOX News and praised them for gutting the equity policy.
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Can't help but assume this tweet would be labeled "CRT" (in a very derogatory way) by far too many almost 40 years later.
Huge efforts were made to stop MLK Day from becoming an official Colorado holiday, before it passed in 1984. Lawmakers killed seven different MLK Day bills. Black people who testified were mocked at the Capitol. Coretta Scott King was blocked from speaking in the state House.
Wow, seems a bit early for the worst take of 2022, but here we are...
While you are considering your life choices and daily habits... The invisible addiction - is it time to give up caffeine?…
AMBER Alert Activation- Aurora PD 13 year old Ta-Kyrah Blackman B/F 409/150 BRO/BLK Last seen 300 block of N Joliet St, Aurora