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This is ridiculous. “Trump” and “diplomacy” never belong in the same sentence @CNN do better!
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Who is he?
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I like it. It’s different.
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Elon Mist or Rudy Giuliani?
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OMG. I’m gobsmacked!
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I just had my second shingles shot a few days ago. My first shot was horrible—fever, chills, tiredness, sore arm and lasted five days. The second was way, way better. Only a sore arm and tired one day.
Five cents for FULLSIZED candy bars! Good ol’ days.
Agree about the cents symbol!
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I remember gas as low as .27 a gallon, full service, and a free dish towel, fly swatted, or a drinking glass. Plus some stations gave Blue Chip Stamps you turn in for free stuff. Good times!
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Great progress, friend!
Says the quack that has never worked an honest day in the last 20 years.
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Maga King? More like Flabba King!
I thought that was a goof. You mean it’s real?
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Oh, that is rich.
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Says washed up loser.
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Damn, this is messed up. Seriously.
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Blondie looks really happy, though.
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I absolutely love Arches National Park. One of my favorites of the many, many parks that we’ve been to. Everyone should see it at least once.
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Oakland A’s fan, I’m hoping.