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Conservatives. Liars, fraudsters & above all, C*NTS!
Promising to make the rich richer by cutting taxes & uncapping bonuses for millionaire bankers the new Chancellor has also threatened to make the poor poorer by reducing benefits. Is this the kind of country we want?
Kwasi Kwarteng here spelling out that only the rich are worthy of Tory government help whilst bending the rest of us over and shafting us. You have to be very rich or very stupid to vote Conservative. fb.watch/fKZ6fURszV/
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I knew the Queens death would be insane but not even I thought I’d see people bending over backwards to defend Prince Andrew. He was accused of rape and hung out with sex traffickers for fucks sake.
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Liz Truss’s plan is to hand hedge fund managers and landlords billions in extra cash and call that ‘growth’ while millions can’t afford to eat properly
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Wake up UK. This is our reality until those Tory Twats are gone for good.
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Nobody wants to know us! They liked the queen but she’s dead. Brexit is shambolic. Biden rejected Truss as he cares more about Northern Ireland peace than our own government. Or economy is FUCKED and we have an over confident but useless waxwork in the top job. FUCK!
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Trickle down economics doesn’t work! Truss’s solution to myriad crises is, essentially, vague theory. Can kids eat investment or will they freeze and die? Will the NHS benefit from offshore havens helping tax avoidance? No! This is batshit and I feel like I’m going mad.
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Rwanda can have the fucking lot of them.
Urgent appeal to reclaim Britain. By deporting Conservatives we’ll save at least £80,000 in salary per MP. If implemented it’ll be the only financial decision by the Tories this year which makes sense.
Plans to scrap 48hr working week coming from a lanky, lazy Victorian twat who can't sit a few hours in the Commons without sprawling out & taking a nap. The Tories are laughing at us. #ToriesOutNow
Jeez! Speaking to @RidgeOnSunday tonight Jacob Rees-Mogg just refused to rule out scrapping the 48 hour week which prevents workers from being discriminated against or sacked if they refuse to work over forty eight hours a week & says it’s “one of the benefits of Brexit!”
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"Why isn't the Health Secretary on your programme? Why is she in hiding?" Labour's @wesstreeting doesn't hold back when telling us that @theresecoffey knows the Government's health plans are not enough. #KayBurley wx
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Therese Coffey repeats and repeats the same vacuous words. But a catchphrase is not a workforce plan. There are nearly 2,000 fewer GPs now than in 2016!
Dear @trussliz, we need pay rises, not tax cuts for bankers. #EndThePayCrisis and give workers the pay rise they need to support the economy and keep people out of poverty. #EmergencyBudget #MiniBudget Please share. Send a tweet to the PM or Chancellor - unsn.uk/COLtwit
Expect more of this. People are about to starve & freeze to death and Kwartengs answer is to lift the cap on bankers bonuses so those earning £millions a year can have unlimited bonuses. They are laughing at us in their Downing Street parties. Scumbags.
So Kwarteng won’t release the OBR forecast, Rees-Mogg won’t have his energy plan for businesses debated in Parliament and they’re allowing fracking even though their manifesto said they wouldn’t. Already a holy show of negligent and undemocratic ‘governing’/arsing about.
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If you don’t want a public scene then don’t parade an entitled scumbag that was removed from his duties for being accused of raping a sex trafficked girl, through a city centre. Simple.
This is what Liz Truss stands for...abolish Human Rights, reduce annual leave & destroy unions, so rich Tory employers can work you to the bone for maximum hours & minimum pay/leave and make it difficult to take legal action when employers act unlawfully. invidious.fdn.fr/6TWzTQHAXXg
Someone photoshop the spilling soup bowls in her hands, please!!
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“Two soups”
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This is what the Tories stand for. If you are employed, or unemployed, be afraid. If you are an employer, remember he supported the man who said 'fuck business', & be afraid with the rest of us. #ToriesOutNow
Watch. weep and then share the hell out of this so as many as possible now find out what the Business Secretary believes about workers rights. This battle is coming #ToriesOut64 #TrussOut4 #GeneralElectionNow