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Midoin is the first digital coin that can be mined on your mobile and shortly will be the first one on the blockchain. Use this link to download the free app midoin.link/fw6A and you will get 5x boost on you earnings when you use my username "brandonterry" as your invite.
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Listen to your crypto friends. We tried to tell you 20 months ago. Sitting pretty with my team I assure you of that.
Grilling and drinking #DogelonMars
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Public Mint is on🔥🔥🔥🔥 All the minters will get 1 Fury ted airdrop! ⏱72hr furyofthefur.com 1 RT will get guaranteed NFT #airdrop #NFT #FOTF4LIFE #NFTCommunity #NFTGiveaway
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I’m giving $20,000 in $APE or $eth to the first 3900 people who follows and retweets!! #NFT ♥️
I am looking into it now,stay tuned for a breakdown. The price is brutally attractive.
Anyone have an idea on the worth of a 1919 wheat penny or a 72 Lincoln penny with a double impact?
To all of you beautiful disasters,please chase your dream because it will never chase you back. We have but a short time to live don't waste it on chasing money,chase feelings,chase memories,chase the moments that's all that catches up with you in the end.
A Dual Sport Athlete who came to use and said he was going to dedicate himself to getting Bigger, Faster and Stronger and is doing just that. Also a great football player @AuburnFootball @IconsRegion @LEFLOREFB @UAB_FB @ArRecruitingGuy @CoachSamPittman
Class of 2023 OLB / DE
Thank you to @CoachRoc of @AuburnFootball for stopping by today!! #WarEagle #B1RDGANG⚡️
Going back in slowly on #Dogelon #Shiba. Going hard on #mana #Sand #luna #ETH
If you don't trust someone enough to ask for their advice you do not have to accept their criticism either,simple.
I miss all you beautiful disasters!,I'm back and recharged so let's make this money. Who is in for a quick profit?
If you can't use all 90 inches than what is the point? #Sportslife #USFL #NETSVSCELTICS
Discover the tokens utility and decide if it's worth the risk. Can your investment make trans fees faster and quicker,does it serve a purpose. These are the things you should be asking before investment.
All of my beautiful disasters,what are you investing in? I am in heavy into meta tokens and #dogelonmars as well as Solana and polygon but please remember to do your own DD that fits your budget. They would love us to be broke and continue to follow and not lead.
Please remember that crypto is not a life style it is a way to get ahead and more importantly learn. We are one people trying to succeed as one and one people united is more powerful than many as themselves. I love all these beautiful disasters. #Onelove
I put my lil brothers tree beside my Callie grace so they can carry one another through the days. We will plant flowers and make the site beautiful but the souls of both will carry the beauty of the world they both gave to us all. I love you lil brother,I love you Callie grace..
My sweet baby...my heart is broken,my soul is hurt,my world is less bright today. I loved and love you girl.....