Tonight I’ll talk with Senator @Sen_JoeManchin up on Capitol Hill— don’t miss it 6pmET on @FoxNews #specialreport

Nov 3, 2021 · 6:32 PM UTC

Will you tell him how you and Martha tried to muddy the waters , late last night ... in regards to #VirginiaElection2021 .... kind of like Arizona 2020 ... eehhh ?😉 we see you 😉
Please tell him that "we the people" would like him to stand strong and keep opposing Biden's reckless bills. I would hope other democrats would stand with Manchin.
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Manchin is going to celebrate his victories in Virginia.
Joe Manchin questioning was good but they never compromise and never get anything out like they did last night in Virginia is the only way let's see Jersey s results
Definitely the best interview I've ever seen with Manchin, I wish everyone in the country could see it. Great job Bret!
Is Manchin running for President? If he didn’t have “D” after his name, you’d have no idea he was a Democrat. I appreciate he’s his own man, but he didn’t have a kind word to say about his party. You’d never hear this kind of talk out of a Republican on policy.