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.@iealondon Hello IEA, can you tell us about your funding, please?
At last, someone on the BBC has the balls to challenge the funding behind the so-called Institute for Economic Affairs. And Emily Carver doesn’t like it. Nice one, Alan Smyth. #bbcqt
.@BALPApilots Can you comment, please?
Replying to @AfghanHRF
I hope no pilots would take part in such a heinous scheme, however I haven't heard back from my request to @BALPApilots on this subject.
.@SueGrayCO Can you help with this question, please?
Replying to @tamcohen
What is Sue Gray waiting for?
.@GoodEnergy Have you reduced your retail gas prices in response to the fall in wholesale prices? If not, why not?
UK Wholesale Gas is 38 pence a therm (year ahead). This is down from 550 pence in February. While your energy bills have gone up by 54%, the price of wholesale has fallen by 93%. Daylight robbery.
.@theresa_may Can you comment, please? Is it true that you sought to cover up a crime?
Replying to @eyejosh
@eyejosh Josh February 2019 High Court Hearing Wilson v May Sir James Eadie QC for PM May entered into Court "the Prime Minister was aware of illegalities in the Referendum but decided to ignore and proceed with her Article 50 @JMPSimor represented Wilson & others 2./
.@bankofengland Can you comment, please?
The Governor of the Bank of England this afternoon blamed inflation on rising prices for energy and tradable goods, war in Ukraine, China’s Covid policy and long-term Covid sickness here. None of these can be addressed by increasing interest rates. So why is he increasing them?
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.@ArlaFoodsUK Can you comment, please?
Part of my job is to put the new labels out on supermarket shelves; There are some shocking increases. The worse one: Lurpak spread from £3.80 to £5.05.
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I have no confidence in Boris Johnson as prime minister or as a MP. RT, then Copy and paste.
.@BootsUK Can you explain what's going on, please?
Just been to @BootsUK and so many empty shelves. Been like this for months. Staff say they’re having supply problems. Can’t think why.
.@nwnatural Is this true? Can you comment, please?
Oregon Gas Utility Wants to Bill Customers Millions for Executive Bonuses and ‘Misleading’ Advertising scl.io/9IWUWmB via @DeSmog
.@Jacob_Rees_Mogg Is this true??
Lord Snooty - Minister for Brexit Opportunities - hasn’t read a report on the economic impact of Brexit. Let that sink in. #r4today
.@NeilCouling Can you comment, please?
He really does think we are all thick
.@pritipatel Can you help with this, today, please?
A Syrian interpreter, who translated for British government officials for five years, has just called to tell me he has attempted to take his own life after nearly two years waiting for a decision on his asylum claim. @ukhomeoffice - can we have an urgent response, please.
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