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Joined March 2018 advertises a tool that is more highly questionable - Croc Background - Croc has no audit - Almost no docs - Croc uses a changed encryption standard no one ever heard of nor is there any whitepaper to verify what standards they use exactly.
#Reddit seems to block all #Russian Links - or most of them - and labels them automatically as Spam Apparently they use a Bot that does not blacklist, instead they entirely block all domains per-se. Second time this happened, not a friend of censorship like this.
The mod log does not show admin or admin-bot events, sadly, but if you approved posts again it will get automatically blocked and labeled as spam, even if everything is correct.
I was thinking, to put a mini wind turbine on my roof but they told me that there is currently no solution to the rotor recycling problem. And you need to replace them every 10-15 years.
Updates 10.05.2022 - OpenSUSE Leap Micro 5.2 - Linux Kernel 5.17.9 - Vivaldi 5.2 Build 2623.48 - VS Code 1.67.2 - Ultimate++ 2022.1 Build 16236 - Vim 8.2.4980 - myFFmpeg 4.4.0 - Personal Backup - cURL 7.83.1 - iTunes - Seagate SeaTools 5.0.140
Happy Birthday, Libera Chat For those who do not know, Libera is a IRC Freenet replacement. Announce…
Engineers Investigating NASA’s Voyager 1 Telemetry Data Announce…
USA A dust devil formed during a youth baseball practice last Sunday at a park in Florence, Alabama — with kids running through as it twirled across the infield. Source Unknown, user upload
#Firefox 101 Beta seems to be focused on readability I find it weird that there are 8 Betas already yet there are only two changes listed. I think the changelogs are not as frequently updates as they should. Changelog - Evolves with new Beta versions…
Minimum 14 German #Automakers Targeted by #Malware Campaign What threat actors are trying to do is to infiltrate password-stealing malware into the victims’ systems. Source…
#Tour de force: #Vivaldi and #Renault #team up for the best on-road #experience Via Vivaldi Blog Announce…
#Apple Facing #Lawsuit After AirPods Allegedly Ruptured Child's Eardrums With Amber Alert Source…
#Paris just announced plans to #ban private cars in the city centre
Paris just announced plans to ban private cars in the city centre. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. Congestion is not inevitable, pollution is not inevitable, climate chaos is not inevitable. #ActOnClimate #climate #energy #ItCanBeDone #GreenNewDeal