I think I want to start rendering my more complete sculpties in Blender, anyone got good tutorials on learning eevee or cycles or whatever its called? ideally none from mr. hate- I mean donut.
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I’d go with Cycles. But both have pros and cons and look diff. Once you set up an HDRI and play with a couple of render settings youll be more than half way there. It Might look intimidating but it’s really not. Also, please don’t buy any render addons until you fully 1/2

Oct 28, 2021 · 6:38 PM UTC

2/2 understand all the settings. I fully support the paid addon market but some of the things that are out there you can easily duplicate yourself. Or just save you like 30 min, which isn’t worth it if you’re rendering a single character once a week. Good luck
3/2 ;) Also just ask the community and ppl will help. The community is really helpful (although a bit culty lol) Not sure if you’re using substance or another prog but there are tons of free material libraries too. Lookup AskNK on YouTube too. Peace