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Please shut up
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Shut up please
@sunny While I get your frustration in that you don’t want to believe the Kumbaya. What would be your suggestion how to go forward and get better?
You are so pressed. LOSER
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being gay isn’t just about having sex
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Are you mad because your real housewives franchise starts off on Peacock which nobody watches you on??
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Can’t stand insecure Bs who are so “hard”with their posts that none of their peers/superiors would never see! Punk ABs!
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Every time I see someone saying that some other girl is playing the fool or is the dummy, I think, “so are you, you big dummy!” 😂
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How’s it pathetic??? Bitter Betty!! You are just the pot calling the kettle black
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That’s your code for BLM. They tried that decades ago without any success you idiot.
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SOOOOOOO predictable. You couldn’t wait. If you really had moved on you wouldn’t have posted anything. So insincere. Shame on you!
If he cheats on you now, of all times and you believe his lies, the only reason you’re marrying him is to convince yourself he’s not
@markwahlberg @DonnieWahlberg @PaulWahlberg I know I’m of one of millions who’ve prayed for the loss of your mom. I started re-watching Wahlburgers.I started watching it in 2015 after my mom passed.Your mom reminded me so much of my mom. I’m so sorry for your loss.
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How dare you speak on somebody else’s children! As if you’re so perfect!
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You are such the expert; Monday morning quarterback. Run for office!!!