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#gunsafety Students in New Zealand performed a ceremony to mourn those who died and honor them. But their actions did not stop there. New Zealand passed sweeping reforms after #Christchurch, while the U.S. remains divided & people continue to die.
Wall Street should #Divest from #Meta. It's going downhill anyway. No one wants to use these platforms anymore because they are so toxic. #BanTrump. Meta also allows politicians to lie on their platform.
If @Oprah created a social media platform that set boundaries and did not allow lying, violence, racism or threats, I would join in a minute. @BarackObama @BrendanCarrFCC So tired of these tech narcissistic bros enabling lies, hatred and violence. #Meta
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Casey DeSantis reminds me of the wives of German Nazi officers in the Spanish series, "The Time In Between". No amount of money, horses, or expensive gowns would entice me to stand by a man who is aligned with right wing hatred.
#Meta just allowed a trump who encouraged an angry mob with weapons to go to the Capitol where they maced, beat, & crushed 140 police while threatening to hang elected officials. Meta you are now #Goebbels. Boycott products advertised on their sites!…
Hitler would have loved Zuckerberg and #Meta. Everyone I know is getting tired of social media sociopaths. #BanTrump
HEY POSHMARK @Poshmarkapp @PoshmarkSupport You FUCKING DIPSHITS! SELLING ENDANGERED ELEPHANT SKIN BOOTS ON YOUR GREEDY WEBSITE! TAKE POSTS DOWN NOW!! #BanElephantSales @ClimateEnvoy #Climate #Elephants #SAVETHEELEPHANTS @Earthjustice @NPR @nytimes @AP @rickygervais @NatGeo @peta
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See the real underworld of organ trafficking on #TraffickedWithMarianavanZeller, Wednesdays at 9/8c on National Geographic.
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Italy celebrated the return of 60 ancient artifacts worth more than $20 million from the United States with a display in Rome's Spadolini Hall
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When Ukraine wins, that is a message that will be heard around the world. So let us help them win, not next year or the year after, but this year, 2023
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Time for a rewatch! Hollywood classic #Casablanca came out 80 years ago. Remarkably, many of the refugees in the film were played by actual refugees who had fled the Nazis. That story on this week's #podcast.…
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Mass shootings in the US: 2014: 273 2015: 336 2016: 383 2017: 348 2018: 336 2019: 417 2020: 610 2021: 690 2022: 647 In the first three weeks of 2023: 39 We do not have to live like this. No other country on the planet does.
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This is a crime. No federal candidate, including the Republican Member of Congress purportedly known as George Santos, can accept loans of hundreds of thousands of dollars from other individuals or entities.
SCOOP: George Santos just told the FEC that hundreds of thousands of dollars in "personal" campaign loans were not, in fact, from his personal funds. Of course, he didn't say where those funds came from. Me @thedailybeast…