Joined June 2021
Way too much work! Jeez. I need some milk.
Any incoming magic damage to a target with a shattered shield will disintegrate flesh, dealing 400% of the base damage value! This means mages will need time to whittle down their targets shields, but when they do, squishy targets can be almost instantly obliterated.
Some new life in the project. I got export working for godot. I am going to keep pushing forward with the engine. Also, some new water that looks nice and is performant!
Added a scan shader to a simplified mesh of the terrain. Thanks to @arlez80 on godot shaders. The new map screen is going to look really cool!
This new GUI is looking dope!
Going to be working on adding some sound effects and music to Endless Array for the next one or two days. Afterwards is a map for navigation, better (maybe hand drawn) ability effects and a cool scifi vehicles the player can ride around in. Also the new shop looks pretty cool.
Day/Night is cycle almost finished. Well it's been finished for a while but I had to integrate it with the server. The moonlight + shop look pretty cool together