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Why dont you link a website instead of an obvious scam
There are many ways to harm a person besides physical altercation.
I would be so okay with this
True this is a pretty strange request tbh
I think it's like, women and children and men need someone to drive them to safety, but men cant leave. So it's just women and children that need someone to drive them.
Yea this is weird wtf
I'm rebranding mothafuckas
Its such a bad take. Hateful people remember the hate, Loving people remember the love. If it seems skewed towards one direction, that says alot about you.
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Pickle chips be the shiznit though
Coffee > Energy drinks Beer > Liquor Tea > Soda
Youtube should be canceled for all the racist shit they allow on their website
They are both almost 30 now?
Stop thinking in terms of "paying taxes on what your worth" and think about what is actually happening when you accumulate wealth via stocks. It is tax evasion, there is no discussion there. The discussion is whether or not it is justified. FYI: I have no specific opinion on this
Apparently Google sells domains and emails for much cheaper than what I am paying for.