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It’s a private residence, oh traitorous one. Visitor logs? Lol Please feel free to hold your breath waiting. Mar-a-Lago is a private club with a revolving door of foreign visitors & assorted unsavory types. BTW Did the pardon come through yet?
It’s a great day to release the Biden visitors log.
Nice BUT… Time for mail delivery twice weekly. The daily delivery routine is extremely resource-intensive, even if electric, for essentially non-essential materials. I’ll bet 50% of mailed materials are junk…consuming near 70% of resources.
Thanks to funding from our Inflation Reduction Act, the U.S. Postal Service will have nearly 66,000 electric delivery trucks in communities by 2028. This means cleaner air for communities and our nation's postal workers.
Merry Christmas One & All
The IRS says there’s over a billion in unclaimed tax dollars most years. Can the 87,000 do anything to get unclaimed tax dollars refunded?? I’d bet most of it belongs to the people that need it most.
The IRS says its 87,000 new hires could help collect as much as $1 trillion by forcing rich tax cheats to pay up — but will more 'fire-breathing dragons' really do the trick?… 🤔 🧐
Thinking of trump, and all his Republican buddies, for reasons unknown this Christmas.
Please Retire, Scott Perry! Guess ya gotta work for Jeep, or get money from Jeep, to appreciate Jeep. So funny Orion, the size of a small house, could go 1.4-million miles on a charge. Jeep USA can’t do a 400-mile EV? (sob 😥) Sounds like BS from a looser brand.
Jeep just fired 1,350 American workers and will move the factory to Mexico, saying, “The most impactful challenge is the increasing cost related to the electrification of the automobile market.” Good thing @potus signed an EO mandating 50% made in America must be electric.
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Oil Industry will be around a very long time. Coal is one nobody should miss.
HOW many Supreme Court judges does it take to interpret the Constitution just the ways you like? As seen, fed judges can be “influenced”. Maybe a few less-legal system inbred interpretations of the Constitution are needed. Judges been twisting each letter for 246 years now! BS
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In layman’s terms, this case has the potential to end free and fair elections — at least in states where Trumpian legislators are in the majority. However, Biden’s recent executive order — and senate Majority — give him the means to expand the SCOTUS:…
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N Korea’s Kim Jong Un has reportedly been in a coma for months & faked recent public appearances, a S Korean official says in a new report. Have you seen Kimzilla? Easily 30lbs heavier. Maybe all his weight goes to his head. A sour lobster? Sis may take over-send Midol NOW!
1… Any thoughts? QUESTION: Can the earth be hit by a bullet fired from the surface of the moon?
Anyone know…… Could a bullet be fired from on the moon and hit the earth??? Burning up in the atmosphere counts!!
Most likely the killer’s father doesn’t know shit about people. Two possibilities: The killer was a closet gay/bi with no understanding of the inner conflict it presented. Or, The killer was rejected for sex by gays; nothing pisses-off straights more than being rejected by gays.
holy fucking shit, the Colorado Springs shooter's father was relieved to learn that his son was the murderer, and not a gay person. I don't even know what to say to that. holy. fucking. shit
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“Junk” taxes likely gave businessmen the idea of charging “junk” fees in the first place. There’s something to go after!
Millions of Americans will travel home for the holidays and will get hit with hidden “junk” fees from airlines, hotels – maybe even tickets for a holiday show the family wants to see. It isn't right. My Administration is taking actions to reduce or eliminate these surprise fees.
Teeheehee! If it wasn’t for the missile part, Russia is essentially slinging rocks at Ukraine? 🤭🤭 Mr Putin, that’s just embarrassing. Бог помогает тебе So that’s why Russia is suggesting negotiations!!
Russia fired cruise missile with dummy nuclear warhead, indicating shortage of weapons… 🤔 😮
Any chance of consolidating, or at least better managing, all the many & varied taxes. A single “knife-in-the-back” monthly payment plan might be less painful.
Unfair, hidden fees known as “junk fees” take real money out of the pockets of American families. Things like banking overdraft fees and excessive credit card late fees – they add up. My Administration is making it clear that they're illegal.
Wonderful! A partisan SCOTUS. Have a numb-nuts holiday season gang! And why is Thomas able to handout free passes to every political hack that comes along? No jus-tice, now jus-asses?
Supreme Court oral arguments are taking forever. The justices dissent -- and then keep talking. | Analysis by ⁦…
Maybe trump is waiting to get DeSantis on 5th Avenue?
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When will Trump order his followers to hang DeSantis? He did it to Pence and got away with it, why should he stop now?
One cannot say “reproductively” equal? (Although “parenting” may be.) The implications require consideration. In a religious context, Marriage as a Sacrament, binds a couple beyond simple Civil Unions. A complex issue; & then there’s the in-laws!
what kind of shithole senator votes against marriage equality
No. He’s just that useless to everybody.
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😂…smear campaign fails again