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Replying to @LeadingReport
At least these pilots are still alive cause they didn’t get that killer Jab. Hopefully everyone will find out about all the heart attacks ,strokes unexplained deaths that are happening to especially the young !!
I believe it has to do with the construction of the Wind Turbines. Whales have sensitive hearing Possibly they are following the sounds that’s why they are coming close to shore and getting hit by boats What does it hurt if they put a pause on construction and see if it stops !
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And I read that kid was the fifth person that died in the last 10 days !! Horrible all these young people dying and no one says a word. Thank God my family and myself did not get the JAB 💉
I know a couple personally that have had strokes , heart attacks , auto immune diseases. I say it’s too much a coincidence. I think more sport figures maybe cause they over exert themselves otherwise and the effects on the heart from the Vaccine only makes it worse my opinion
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Exactly I thought the same thing. Why is Paul Pelosi holding a drink in his hand 🤔
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Usually when the say unexpectedly or undetermined that is most likely a Heart Attack
Another so called Medical Emergency. So sad. Wonder what it could be from. 💉
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Replying to @DrJamesOlsson
I hear at least twice a week or more how so many young people have died and always they say unexpectedly, undetermined, died in their sleep or just collapsed And it’s always heart related. Glad myself and whole family were not brainwashed into getting it 💉
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Congratulations 🎉 He’s Adorable 🥰
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I think it’s Great what Elon Musk is doing Now he should buy Facebook !!
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First thing I thought when I heard that Fetterman won was. I CANT BELIEVE HE WON AND THAT PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM !!
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Can’t believe these Democrats are relating this attack on Pelosi to January 6th. They will try anything and blame anyone to cover up their HORRIBLE policies. Vote Republican on November 8th. Let’s start wiping out them before they completely destroy what’s left of the Country !!
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Can’t believe how many people are just dropping dead They are in perfectly good health also. Does anyone in the medical profession dare to come out and admit that it could be related to the Vaccine ?
Replying to @CDCDirector
Oh yeah pump more poison in these kids especially since this booster was never tested on humans only mice !!
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I agree totally 💯
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No cause of Death released ? 🤔
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My co-worker just told me she was sorry she got the Vaccine cause now she has Lupus !! Crazy !! Sure glad I didn’t get it and no one in my family did either
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Thought everyone was welcome in Martha’s Vineyard but it’s ok for Biden to let millions in Arizona and Texas and jeopardizing their lives crossing. Now who’s inhumane ????
It is fair that Biden is letting these people cross and jeopardize their lives. Some are dying and that is on Biden These immigrants are asked where they want to go and sign a waiver Get your stories straight