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Lagos, Nigeria
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Dear Doctors on Twitter street please have a "Professional Indemnity Insurance" it covers any legal issues that may arise by means of error or neglect during your job With 20k you have a cover of 1m naira Your license must be active to buy #aiico #aiicoinsurance #COVID19ON
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Tinubu made his children this & that. How many of Tinubu's children do u know? Probably Iyaloja & Seyi. If I corner Lagos, my daughter will be governor, not Iyaloja. If Iyaloja controls market, she'll be in charge of Alaba Int'l Market & ASPAMDA, where emperors locked people out.
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Overnight Movie Hangout (Mainland Edition) Date: Fri, Jan 27 Fee: 7500 naira only 1. Plane 2. Megan 3. Lugard 3. Pretty evil For bookings, pay into Movies starts from 10pm till dawn #movienight #choplife #lagosnightlife #blueoceantrips #cinemas #latenightmovie
A Catholic school ? Oh no ,do better please
Bishop Challoner Catholic College is very clear that braids are allowed to be worn in school. If parents/carers have any issues, there are clear procedures in place which they can follow for their concerns to be addressed.
Lucky kids they came out of this, early .
- Woman and her lover arrested for severely br*talizing her 5 and 2years old children in Lagos.
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This Brymo song 🎵 is good to calm a hectic evening like thus down....
Special announcement! From Jan 1st, third party is now 15k and comprehensive starts from 5% of sum insured. Please read the document from National Insurance Commission. Thank you.
Christmas sees a lot of erratic and irresponsible driving. Everybody please be extra careful on the roads. As you know lots of men drink too much alcohol and are forced to let their wives drive.
Merry Christmas to y'all form Doyin Aiico Insurance
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Name a book that changed your life?
Please take care this period. love from Doyin Aiico Insurance #Christmas #Celebrate #Celebration #Doyin #aiicoinsurance
Tenant insurance 10k per year for a cover of 2m , if an unforseen I occurs you get 250k for rent. Your valuables worth more than 10k
Do you know the type of life insurance that's in place for you at you place of work ? Group life insurance is a must ,for companies with 5 or more member of staff. It's law! It's paid for by the employer. Thread.
Very true ! You can invest in annuity , annuity is an investment and life insurance that pays you salary for life . Your premium determines your salary for life . Send a DM for more info and processing. Thanks
To earn passively to solely sustain your lifestyle, you need to invest high amount of money. Anything promising you otherwise is a lie.
I survived ,I don't how ,I'm living ,I don't know how , trying to find out what God wants me to learn from my shege but in all situations I give thanks
This is a safe space: Talk about your major investment or emotional loss this year. Get it off your chest and be free.
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Rich people are not good investors ! Investment is long term , with high interest and must be secure and assured . Check out claims history before you invest
As I read, I noticed 3 major areas that financial losses came from 1. Crypto 2. Betting 3. Ponzi schemes Come and learn about investing so you can stop losing money, you say no, it's too expensive. But if you hear about a 15% ROI scheme, capital will automatically appear 😁
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one day you will retire. You won't be going to work. You won’t have office power any more. No influence or at best, a reduced influence. Your cash flow will also reduce.! Check retirement date on your payslip. An annuity is a life insurance that pays salary for life
FEP give 40% interest your deposits, you can use this to secure your children future education. You can also plan your tour or next vacation by saving ahead What about retirement, we give the best plan . Send a DM today