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Dumb and dumber I also want to know why he and eric trump look like brothers. Please @nygop, send him home after the primary and don't bring him back.
@cdc @cdcdirector Please fix the right column. Transmission rates cannot decrease for all four levels.
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Put people ahead of racial predators. Protect the wolves from senseless wildlife killers like the trump brothers. There were 2 wolf attacks on humans in the US over the last 18 years. 1 was fatal. A wild, racist animal killed 10 humans in Buffalo in minutes. You're pathetic.
For all those holding Tesla stock, remember he has feasted on selling regulatory credits $986 million in 2019 $1.58 billion in 2020 $1.46 billion in 2021 This cash cow will dry up as auto companies continue to create their own credits with E-car sales. Tesla's clock is ticking.
The CDC compounded the lagging metric by telling people there was no need to take any actions as long as the CL level is green. It made it worse by saying only high-risk mattered at the yellow (medium) level. Essentially, @cdc now tells people to do nothing until the worst. 5/
Until late summer early fall last year, CDC updated and posted Community Transmission data DAILY w/recommendations of mask wearing for orange and red levels. They now advise site visitors this information is "provided for healthcare facility use only". Image attached. 1/
After changing the web site to indicate Community Transmission was "provided for healthcare facility use only", CDC started directing non-health care visitors to use this map for COVID precaution activities. This map is updated weekly only so it always lags an advancing wave. 2/
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@cdc how is it numerically possible for ALL transmission rates to decrease on the same day when there were 130,838 new cases? I find it highly unlikely that high transmission counties declined 26% and substantial transmission counties declined 22%. This is sloppy.
Go climb a rock! Seriously, I spent every non-working day, afternoon, weekend of my youth at the beach. Those days are past. Now, I am thankful I can still climb.
Let me guess, you've done your research. Just say you are from the cult of trump.
It's time for the daily COVID reality dose. This is the message @cdc doesn't want you to look at. Cases are ⬆️. Hospitalization rates are ⬆️ 3.0% of all with COVID are being hospitalized. Please do your best to not be part of these statistics. 😷 πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰ ⬅️ 6 Feet ➑️
Please put your masks back on!
I was at a park last evening and spotted this yellow warbler about ten minutes before a thunderstorm rolled through. #birding #birdphotography #birds #NaturePhotography
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@CDCis selling a happy story of COVID's reduced risk. In the last week... 19,586 COVID hospital admissions. 614,000 new COVID cases. 3.1% of new cases enter the hospital. It sucks. I want it over too, but we need to take care of ourselves & protect each other. Show ❀️Wear 😷
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We get it Maddy. You're an isolationist. The world is large. The US doesn't exist in a vaccum. It isn't just adolescent pranks, shooting guns, speeding, punching trees, playing dress-up & humping your cousin. Hopefully after Tue., you can prepare for your post-office life.
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Buffalo LEO #1: "Remember to duck down when you get in the cruiser. You don'r want to hurt your head. Buffalo LEO #2: "Can we stop somewhere on the way to the station to get you a bite to eat?" Everytime I see this image. I will see Buffalo LEO shoving a 77-year like this...
Martin Gugino, 75, suffered a fractured skull after being shoved during a protest on June 4. A grand jury declined to charge the two BUFFALO officers. It seems clear where Buffalo's Blue loyalty stands.
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@DrOz maybe you can answer an anatomy question... Do all 73 year-old never-were musicians have a tail or is it just gun-obsessed, draft-dodging (documented), child chasing losers who support you? @pennsylvaniagop can do better than a NJ carpet bagger like yourself.