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It is sad to see @gagop trot this man forward as a candidate hoping the voter's memory of him as a football player will put him in Washington as trump's agent. Walker shows advanced mental decline. He played football & boxed for decades. Both take tolls. #UnfitForOffice
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Only if they visit without protective vests and an escort of armed LEO. Let Cruz and Abbot walk around the school and never be sure when a gunman may strike. Let them feel how it is for kids trying to learn in fear.
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Does D&M stand for Death & Murder? The framed Jesus image in the background is topping. Whatsoever You Do to the Least of My Brothers You Do unto Me – Matthew 25:31-46 Do young children gunned down in cold blood count? Does being an elected official enabling the murders count?
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$13MM from the NRA doesn't make you someone who should open your mouth when children are murdered. When you are sleepless, do you count dead children? It's time to move on Mr. Romney.
Notice the female next to him trying to pull him away. She is acting as his minder to keep him from saying something that will go public. Herschel Walker is unfit to be in any elected position.
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I fully support the right of all NRA members to trade their high-powered weapons and assault rifles for muskets and keep them as part of a well regulated militia locked in the local armory.
Seems like they are flaunted to me. Christmas card images... Wear multiples of them in stores... Hang NRA stickers everywhere.
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Lowering those flags is a true @GOP solution. Say something about the need to control unfettered gun access in this country. The lack of need for any private person to own an AR-15. Hiding behind a lowered flag is cowardice. Say your mad as hell and support gun control.
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This is the first day after 19 children were murdered by an assault weapon. I thought you were pro-life? Priorities? By the way, local gas prices have fallen even with a holiday weekend looming. Maybe your party might have given bipartisan support to curb obscene oil profit.
He is a disgrace to Congress. He should be considered a disgrace by @gop, but the party has shown it has no limits of how low it can go. It is a party of lies, anger, and hate.
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We take off our shoes. Gun owners don't even need a license, background check, or insurance.
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$3,124,273 Sit down. Your heart is filled with NRA money. Your conscience should bring the faces of each and every victim to your dreams each night.
Please read the attached article. @CDC's Community Level metric was found to be missing data and showing the wrong risk level in three FL counties. This is a flawed metric, but a flawed metric with bad data is inexcusable. @POTUS @VP please understand the risk.
The new CDC metrics do not work or help keep people safe However, the CDC’s own website still labels Tampa Bay and South Florida counties at β€œmedium” risk of COVID-19 as of 3 p.m. Tuesday mistakenly mislabeled 2/…
Sometimes the mute button works well with those who are doing their own research. Thanks for sharing valuable data for those of us who care.
After Sandy Hook, I read about how the group of parents waiting in a firehouse had dwindled until finally they were told that if they were still there, their children were dead. The reporters wrote that the screaming could be heard from the street. I will never forget that.
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There's a mass murder and she blames everyone but the party that allowed the assault weapon, the company that made the assault waepon, the business that sold the assault weapon and the murderer. You and you party are swimming in blood this evening.
@gop must be celebrating and clinking glasses tonight. The party of right-to-life got to once again be the party of right-to-murder. All those fake Christians ought to consider what they will need to say on their judgement day.
CONFIRMED: The Texas school shooter used an AR-15 assault rifle. Sorry Republicans, but I’m pretty sure that when they wrote the 2nd amendment, the Founding Fathers were NOT referring to assault rifles that can shoot DOZENS of elementary school CHILDREN at once.