Racist AL Governor George Wallace chanted his infamous speech in support of segregation on his Inauguration Day 1/14/1963. What you might not know is the amazing history of his classmate, the Hon. Frank Minis Johnson. Don't know about Judge Frank M. Johnson? #Gladyouasked
I did a thread on AL George Wallace, one of the most virulent, hateful, despiteful and cretinous human beings to ever walk the earth. May he continue to burn in hell.
#OnThisDay Janurary 14, 1963 Infamous racist AL Governor George Wallace gave his inaugural address, calling for "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!" Don't know about AL Governor George Wallace? Glad you asked. #GladYouAsked
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He was a despicable creature. A hate-filled southern racist, Democrat who had a strong backing from the southern racist democrats. Many of those racist-backing Democrats are now generations into being members of @GOP because they were drawn to GOP racism. They are MAGA.
It's interesting Twitter appeared upset over my calling George Wallace a despicable racist. I think the description was perfect. Wallace w/Confederate flag Wallace blocking desegration at U of A

Jan 16, 2022 路 6:46 PM UTC