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Time for parents to assert their parental rights. Fire all those responsible.
Unf##king believable! What rock did this idiot crall out from under???
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It won't. It will only be passed along to the consumer. However, the Democrats fail to understand basic business economics...
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Good reason to have a dash cam...
Let me guess, your a never Trumper.
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Wonderful. He has lied to us and we don't need him
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Then he lied under oath. I always though that perjury was a crime. Why has he not been charged &hauled into court???
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Poor tired puppy
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I learned it in the Civil Air Patrol on an Air Force indoor range and at the hands of my father.
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I'd take both if your giving them away!
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This is so true, but I'd dial 911 right after use.
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They can come live with me. I'll feed them well.
A 50cal rnd to the head will stop the strongest man.
My survival rifle is an AR7 with 3 8rnd mags. Carry extra 300rnds in go bag.
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It depends on the weapon. Minimum of 3, maximum of 9. Have 3 speed loaders for one revolver.
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Mo, she does not believe in it.
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Agree. Training is critical followed by practice practice practice