This account is an autobiographical parody. I am continually searching for a word to describe my life while watching life pass me by.

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There is a #PrimeMinister known as BoJo, Who's resigned but doesn't really want to go. With his ass glued to the seat, Inside No.10 #downingstreet, It'll be easier said than done though. #BorisJohnson #borisresigns #ConservativeParty #ConservativeLeadershipContest
If you want to know what #Cinderford is looking like at present you could watch this video. In a way I hope you don't because in my opinion it's not a good vlog. I'm not sure if he's trying to be funny or, to put it bluntly, taking the piss.
There is a #Canadian #PM called #JustinTrudeau. Some say he's the best that you could ever know. But critics in #Quebec Cry he's "A pain in the neck" And "A pain in the arse" in #Toronto. #Canada #CanadaDay
Why does the day have to end? Why do I cling to the hand of fate? What is it that I do depend To stop me feeling out of date? It's close to midnight And I know I won't sleep. Five hours to daylight I suppose my #dreams will keep.
Should #Dunelm be renamed DunceElm for supporting the #ConservativeParty?? #DunYourWay #BorisJohnson
Is there a point in being disappointed Can I win at never winning If I dream of always dreaming Will I always begin at the beginning? Can I live as if I was living In a play that's forever playing? There is a point in being disappointed When what you say isn't what you're saying
2/2 #Station19 in my view has now become just another drama/soap where each character gets an equal share of the script. It's lost it's edge as it tries to throw light on every character's life. Why not just make Andy Herrera Captain and take it from there? Get some action back.
1/1 For me Season 5 of #Station19 was disjointed and not what I'd hoped after the Season 4 finale. How can the lead character be so ambivalent about being acting Captain when being Captain has been the underlying theme of the entire 5 seasons? Or it was suppose to be.
I thought @SkySports coverage of the #SuperBowl was better than the #BBCNFL. It was more immersive with various game summarisers in the stadium as opposed to the sterilty of a BBC studio and only 3 experts of the game.
There is a woman called #JacindaArdern A Prime Minister who won't let normal life return It's with a big grin not a frown, That she keeps locking #NewZealand down Oh when will she ever learn? #CoronaVirus #COVID19 #Omicron #lockdown
There is a doctor called Jen Who's doing tv interviews once again. Is she a medical muppet, Or a political puppet Does she even tell the truth now and then? #JennyHarries #omicron #COVID19 #NewYearsEve #coronavirus #dodgydata
If what happened at the alleged Christmas party is more important than how we continue to handle the #COVID19/#coronavirus/#Omicron then shouldn't #BorisJohnson simply resign now so we can all move on? #downingstreetparty #BorisResign #BorisXmasParty #lockdown #PlanB
In my view I can't believe it's taken until the penultimate episode of season 3 of #Succession to be as good as the previous two series. For me season 3 got itself stuck in something that it seemingly couldn't get out of. It didn't feel like it was going anywhere at all.
There once was a #ManUtd manager called #Ole Who now's feeling somewhat melancholy. A #Premiership runner-up Could't even win the #EuropaLeague cup. What an absolute wally! #olegunnarsolskjaer #ManchesterUnited
I've not been in a #CostaCoffee for years. It was sometime in 2016. #CostaChristmas 😭
There once was a #Spurs head coach called Mr.Santo Who might have thought he was in some kind of panto. Fans booed him as they did cheer Until it became clear He should made immediately redundant-o. #NunoEspiritoSanto #TottenhamHotspur
There is an auctioneer called Christine, Who's aged well if you know what I mean. She's like an antique That's priceless and unique, The best I've ever seen. @BBCBargainHunt @CTrevanion #BargainHunt #bbcbargainhunt