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Dang it trending hashtags got me feelin lucky earlier this week. Not so much today. If they're not fking dead, I don't want to see a bigot's name on my feed when I come back here to promote music. Sometimes I miss this place, then I peek and remember - no, I really don't.
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The CDC has absolutely refused to even say the word mask for the last year or two. So you know if they’re now publicly recommending masking things must be really, really bad.
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What’s your funniest purity culture story? Mine’s when my parents secretly installed Covenant Eyes on our computer. A week later, they confronted me about my “p*rn addiction.” I swore I wasn’t, so they showed me my “explicit searches.” It had one entry: “the barenaked ladies”
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The people who are like "Clinton claimed election fraud too!" are just being disingenuous fucks. She claimed possible issues for like a week until some recounts came in then conceded. Nothing like this fucking loser trying to destroy democracy years later.
The social media platform's new CEO appears to have allowed messages sent between the company's past executives to be released.…
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Cats in Egypt have had a longer history than they have had in almost any other part of the world. Egypt was likely the first place where cats were domesticated 10,000 years ago & are still much loved today It’s Caturday & to celebrate the weekend, a thread on the cats of Cairo…
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BTW posting nude photos of someone without permission to embarrass them ("revenge porn") has been illegal for years in California (where Twitter is based) Twitter was already under a legal obligation to remove those pics that a shady Chinese guy posted.…
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In Alabama, the @HsvPolice now have citizen correspondents to assist officers on calls related to mental health issues. The goal is to provide access to medical care rather than placing those in need in the system for illness-related behavior.…
My reason: I don't care how or why I exist the way I do. Medicalizing us isn't helping us, it makes THEM feel like they have control. I care that the majority of the rest of the population have no idea how to cope with neurodivergence. That's not my fault. That's theirs.
Someone asked recently why autistic people would not be interested in understanding the causes of autism. I think that's actually a very good question so I will attempt to answer in the only way I know how: A long ass thread.
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i straight up flushed a DA account that was about 16 years old because of their intent to feed all of our images to AI unless we opted each, individual submission out, one by one. i definitely lost art and i don't even care. it was worth it.
Honestly one of the better apologies from a company ive seen lately. Actually lists the concerns of their core users, takes them onboard and says sorry. DeviantArt could learn something
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Well, well, well whoever could have guessed? Since Musk’s purchase, slurs against Black people have risen from 1,282 daily to 3,876. Antisemitic slurs jumped 61%. Homophobic slurs from 2,506 to 3,964 daily.…
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A cop catfishes a teen, kills her mother & grandparents, kidnaps her, & the media styles him as a “law enforcement worker” in its continuous effort to mask police violence & murder. It took NBC 14 paragraphs to identify him as a former trooper. No mention he’s a current deputy.
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I was brought up in a village that was almost exclusively white and Christian. It was the most boring and stifling place I've ever known.
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An AITA thread posted by D&D monsters: Dragon: AITA for destroying a local village after a group of adventurers broke into my lair, killed my minions (RIP Bob the Kobold), and stole my shiny things?