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Hehe I Quote Tweeted too
The absolute hypocrisy and unadulterated ignorance on this app.
Man look can somebody tell me why my Avengers PS4 copy I’m playing on my PS5 won’t just play the campaign. I’m tagging everything to try to get an answer lol #gaming #SheHulk #WWECastle
I like Hit Row A lot as wrestlers but that recent performance was legit terrible lol. “Ashante with the half arsed “HIiiiT Ro”. Their main them is great but that wasn’t it
Dude Triple H looks like Jon Moxley
Y’all wanna talk about she hulk being review bombed but not Morbius
Only name change in WWE I think is warranted was Kay Lee Ray cos it’s like dang just be Kaley shit
If it’s true that Ronda Rousey is half black like Sasha Banks then I wonder why people would kinda laugh n say she wasn’t when it’s the same thing
Is fightful not basically just the new Whatculture in terms of the writers becoming personalities on the intent with followers
People ask what’s special about Mustafa Ali and I think the answer is that he’s like an Everyman but at the same time this incredibly blessed and gifted athlete. It’s like Spider-Man having all those God given attributes but still being humble and kind.
We’re gonna get Finns group vs Legado heel vs heel at some point aren’t we #WWE
I just got followed by a Japanese CBD company for some reason
I appreciate it but like why
Everyone get here I don’t care if it’s about to start find a way to still get here in time, your family will understand when you no show the dinner you’ve been planning for 3 months
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Live tweet tonight during #AnniversaryShow7 using #NewSouth7
2014-15 Sal Vulcano kinda looks like Markiplier #ImpracticalJokers
Remember when we all were like dang Logan Paul sold a Stunner really well and now it all makes sensr
The Song what if you fell in love by Jake Miller is massively underrated for how good it is. So I Just Friends by Jordy
I’d really like a new show of Scooby Doo or a continuation of Get a Clue specifically for the two plot points of Shaggy being rich and the main character with gadgets and tech that extended to a cool mystery machine and 2 when they are Scooby Snacks it gave them various powers
#WWE2K22 @WWEgames why when I try to load a game online does it kick me from the lobby everytime it’s about to start a match. It’ll go to the match making screen then start the countdown and boom it sends me back with the message you have been removed from lobby
Also. Marvel movies as WWE posters lol