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he/him :) free palestine 🇵🇸. proud syrian 🇸🇾

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Thinking bout her
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If re-elected, Donald Trump says he will sign an Executive Order on his first day of presidency that orders federal agencies to cease all programs promoting medical procedures for trans Americans, “at any age.”
So much is going on at once 😭
This video has me screamingxgzhbesb
Wait omg BBCAN11 is really a month away???
Me with BB Stars 😭
celebrities who’ve blocked me since i’ve joined Twitter
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Lord thought this was the dumb friend from Never Have I Ever for a sec
Vanessa Hudgens is engaged to MLB player Cole Tucker, TMZ reports.
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Sis about to get a splinter and inhale wood powder 😭 #loveisland
Not ready for @OfficialPLT to give their annual brand deal to Lana. Yawn Yawn 🥱 #loveisland
Bro who literally cares, that man is an asshole and Lana’s an idiot like how anyone could feel bad for Miss Fiat 500 2023 baffles me #loveisland
Ron saying ‘fuck’ knowing he can’t couple up with Samie but didn’t bat an eye when Lana was taken off the table #LoveIsland
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You guys are actually gross @LoveIsland cause I guarantee if that was Lana in Zara’s position y’all would make sure SHE STAYED. Y’all had it out for that girl since the beginning. Keep protecting your white cardboard girls it’s gonna bite you in the ass real soon #loveisland
Wth 😭😭😭😭😭
when Tokyo Toni said she’s bisexual then 20 seconds later said there’s no such thing as bisexual. 😭
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Y’all are fucking dumb @netflix
Netflix’s has began their anti-password sharing tactics: Every 31 days, your device must log in on your home Wi-Fi network or your account will be blocked.
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Love, Flynn retweeted
Please retweet until she's found 🙏 💔 She's only 15 years old 🥺🥲
Oh wow me and Beyoncé are really gonna be breathing the same state air on my birthday
The official dates for Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE World Tour.
Kris Jenner at a Harry concert, oh she’s plotting, SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE HIM ALONE