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Can't quit you, Nebraska - so long as I'm disenfranchised living in D.C., you're stuck with me. Formerly @NewNebraska.

Washington, DC
Joined June 2009
New bills will come to the floor in the coming weeks, including ones I support. I will filibuster them all. Every. Single. One. Why? Because I am not giving extremists any chance to legislate their hate against the trans community. #DontLegislateHate
To support legislative violence against the Trans community, they conjure doctors as villains looking for cheap bucks from children’s pain. Just as dominion over women’s bodies is built on our mothers, sisters, & daughters delighting in abortion for shits & giggles #NEleg #NEgov
They depict Nebraska’s cherished public schools as rotting hellholes demanding escape. They need you to believe Nebraska’s children are being locked away at Shawshank so they can justify diverting needed funding from schools that serve all to their special interests #NEleg #NEgov
“Equality Before The Law” #NEleg #NEgov
None of them had courage. It is accurately been said that all we leave the Legislature with is our self respect. Some of these cowards will be leaving carrying a very light load.
BREAKING: 33 senators just made the wrong vote, ending a filibuster and allowing a ban on gender-affirming care to advance with a 30-17 vote. We can't let this bill become law. We have two more rounds of votes to defend trans youth. Contact your senator:
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🧵 ⬇️ #NEleg #NEgov
I watched today dumbfounded as multiple NE senators bashed physicians. The bashing ranged from outright distrust to attacking our national organizations to questioning our integrity and ethics.
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It breaks my heart how lost Nebraskans are politically. Your daughters no longer have rights over their bodies. Your public schools are punching bags. Now politicians pile on trans kids with enough challenges. Exhausted on behalf of those fighting this onslaught 😢 #NEleg #NEgov
One party rule.
Gov. Jim Pillen has not released information about his public schedule since taking office 10 weeks ago, unlike previous governors, prompting criticism that he is not being accessible and accountable.…
Power at any cost is a proud @GOP tradition, and neither @TheDemocrats nor the American people have ever held them accountable.
Nixon: Sabotaged the Vietnam War peace talks to win in 1968. Reagan: Encouraged Iran to hold on to US hostages to win in 1980. Trump: Aided and abetted Putin’s covert attack on the US election to win in 2016. It’s a GOP tradition.…
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Nixon: Sabotaged the Vietnam War peace talks to win in 1968. Reagan: Encouraged Iran to hold on to US hostages to win in 1980. Trump: Aided and abetted Putin’s covert attack on the US election to win in 2016. It’s a GOP tradition.…
This Nebraska lawmaker is all talk (in a good way) when it comes to blocking anti-trans legislation. @kalpenn
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In yet another #neleg moment that got a public reaction today: Sen. Steve Halloran suggested during a public hearing that shutting down carbon power plants could be starving trees of carbon dioxide.
There is certainly an argument that retrocession back to VA was unconstitutional, motivated by the slave trade, and should be rescinded. But, the foundation of that argument makes statehood for DC impossible. @CouncilOfDC needs to figure out what they actually want.
On this date in 1847, the Virginia General Assembly accepted the retrocession of modern-day Arlington & Alexandria away from the DC & back to VA We still haven't. #DiamondsAreForever #RepairTheSquare #Resurrectangle #RomComUsTheRhombus
.@GlennYoungkin let's go one on one, winner gets the new FBI headquarters.
Nebraska is doomed if voters don’t wise up to this rightwing lunacy #NEleg #NEgov
I used to think it couldn't get any worse in the Legislature, says Sen. @NebraskaMegan Hunt, lamenting comparison made between public schools and McDonald's (not a healthy option) by chair of Education Committee in #NEleg
It has been one week since @HeartlandSignal posted a video of me speaking about how I intend to grind the NE Leg to a halt to protect our Trans Youth. Since that time approx 5k new people have started to follow me on this platform. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself.
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Sincerest apologies to #Huskers fan-by-birth @itsgabrielleu and fan-by-marriage @DwyaneWade over Nebraska’s political leaders proving so bigoted and willing to sacrifice Trans children for their own political gain. Thanks for showing that there is a better way #GBR #NEleg #NEgov
Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade delivered a powerful acceptance speech about the importance of supporting the Black trans and LGBTQ community when receiving the prestigious President's Award at the 2023 NAACP Image Awards.
Massive loss for children and parents in Nebraska - they will be that much more likely to be killed in another mass shooting by a “lawful gunowner”! (“Lawful”, that is, right up until they open fire and start murdering innocent Nebraskans) #GunCult #GunsOverPeople
Massive win for Second Amendment Rights- Constitutional Carry advances to second round debate in Nebraska! LB 77 received 36 votes to advance with 12 voting no and 1 was Present, Not Voting. Here’s the board:
DC Mayor Murial Bower told DC Democratic officials tonight she politically objects to congress and President interfering with the city’s controversial crime bill, but understand why. She said DC Council passed “a bad bill…and I don’t live in La La Land.” @politicshour @wcp
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