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I used an AI art bot to create pictures of Kermit and Miss Piggy. Proceeding to refine an image till Miss Piggy got sexier and, unprompted, Kermit got happier.
The Nordstream Pipeline was severed by the Merfolk. (They're mad The Little Mermaid is black)
The only deplatforming I've ever agreed with was The Grape Lady.
All eyes on me.
The Twitheads are angry that Tusli Gabbard posted study results that found there is no chemical imbalance that causes depression. Americans love few things more than taking prescriptions by the fistful that they don't need. They used to advertise the shit when I was growing up.
This dude is 100% a sexual deviant and his timeline is covered in psychological projection. Hilarious and revolting.
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Lmao guy I've watched way worse than lolicon You're literally the one who brought it up I never even mentioned it in our convo
I own all the games in the "Yakuza" series and never played them. I want to. What is the optimal order to play them in? Do I start with the prequel or play them in the order of release? I want the best way to experience the story.
The main cast of characters in Persona 6 should all be retirees.
The most cringe ad spot ever? Perhaps.
Lycan + Orc = ? 🤩 The combinations are endless!
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When he's a 10 but also he's a Taurus or whatever and you're a really boring white woman.
Sith Lord Steve Buscemi. Do it, Disney.
I support far MORE abortions cause I'm tired of dealing with your nasty little shitstain offspring every time I want to go out for a meal.
As a male feminist I am enraged over the Roe v Wade ruling by the SCOTUS. So, can I get some head?
Putting flaming hot Cheetos in my urethra just to feel something, anything, again.
Make a new Bushido Blade game and don't make it suck.
Asa Akira competing in a hot dog eating competition.
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suck my wii
I'm just here to let everyone know all of the Morbius memeing is no longer amusing.
Movies like Outbreak nailed it when they imagined a global disease-fighting team who is ready to respond to a crisis on a moment’s notice. Now we need to make it a reality.