A legislative loophole may let the DUP keep the first minister's post even if Sinn Féin wins the next election. Assembly authorities don't deny that the loophole - which some senior unionists have examined - exists. But it could be politically disastrous. belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opini…
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Interesting analysis, but has anyone mentioned how they will deal with s. 16(5) in relation to the deputy First Minister if they are successful with the gambit outlined here?

Oct 9, 2021 · 7:53 PM UTC

Wouldn't SF just straightforwardly get the deputy role? They'd be the largest party in the second largest designation, so they'd get the dFM role due to TUV's actions. As Sam points out, that's problematic for TUV.
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I think you're referring to Section 16A (5), which is the normal way dFM is appointed. If so, it is effectively superseded in these circumstances by Section 16C (6) (below) - but the whole thing is constructed in an incredibly clumsy fashion.