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TMW you realize that your 6:40 Am flight actually lands at 6:40 AM and you have to therefore be at the airport by 4:00 AM. FML
#LocalNews readers, y'all need to step up. @rivernewsroom needs your help to keep up the great scoops coming out of the #HudsonValley. #IndependentJournalism is important. Give.
BaBooommmm #DoJWins
HOT DAMN today was a good day for justice. Superseding Barrack indictment, Steve Wynn sued to register as a foreign agent for China, DoJ asking for 1/6 committee transcripts. Anything else you want to throw at us today, @TheJusticeDept? #Justice
The first 40 years of parenting are the hardest. #WednesdayWisdom on Tuesday.
#Trumponomics was based on his power trip.
Shareholder litigation for the next decade. #ElonsProblems
The Constitution grants our citizens life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without reproductive self determination, women are denied this protection.
US Treasury Secretary Janey Yellen said the US Supreme Court's likely reversal of Roe v. Wade will lead to American women losing decades of economic progress. "Denying women access to abortion increases their odds of living in poverty." @highbrow_nobrow
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The Senate just confirmed Lisa Cook to the Federal Reserve Board! She serves on @ChicagoFed's advisory boards. She’s an Economics Professor at Michigan State. She’s served on @WhiteHouseCEA. And now she’ll be the first Black woman to sit on the Federal Reserve Board!
#HakimJeffries on @BrianLehrer is on fire. Stop with the ridiculous assertion that #DemocraticMessaging is a problem. It's not. If you think that, you're not listening.
Seems like Democrats are always cleaning up the deficits left behind by @GOP #TaxCutsForTheWealthy #TrumpTaxCuts
This year, we’re on track to cut the federal deficit by over $1.5 trillion – the biggest decline in a single year ever.
The #TrumpBump doesn't exist.
Trump’s Republican candidate in Ohio only got 30% of the Republican vote yesterday, with 70% of Republicans voting for other candidates. Trump’s Republican candidate for Georgia Governor is 27 points behind his Republican opponent. But let’s talk more about Trump’s influence 😆
Absolutely grotesque behavior. #alabama
If you're wondering about the level of maturity we're dealing with from the right, the governor of Alabama blew off President Biden's visit to the state today because simply greeting the president and being cordial is a step too far for Republican voters.
A blow-out win for Dems. #Michigan
West Michigan values of integrity, decency, and care for the common good won tonight. The people of the 74th District have spoken, and I hear you. We are united in fundamental ways, and I will take our values and concerns to the Capitol to affect positive change. Thank you!
Trump's endorsement is meaningless.
Replying to @PalmerReport
Trump's actual endorsements (not the ones he's doing at the last minute just to take credit) are faring far worse. In Georgia, Kemp is ahead of Trump's candidate Perdue by 27 points in the Republican primary. But the media mostly ignores it, because it doesn't fit the narrative.
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It costs just over $160 to get a week's worth of data on where people who visited Planned Parenthood came from, and where they went afterwards.
Bad policy platforms have consequences. #LyingGOP
This is probably an example of why, after 50 years of vowing their commitment to trying to overturn Roe, that instead of celebrating their victory Republicans are blathering about the leak. They know that politically that it hurts them, & badly.
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#BrittneyGriner is a political hostage - don't let her be forgotten.
Brittney Greiner has been in jail in Russia a long time, with very little movement or new information. That’s really been lost in all the wild news from that part of the world.
If you are using an online period tracker or tracking your cycles through your phone, get off it and delete your data. Now.
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This is why you should care about your #dataprivacy and minimize exposure to apps, browsers, platforms and search engines that don't EXPLICITLY protect you. I use @duckduckgo and @opera
[Interrupts beautiful tropical vacation to share the following:] A handful of men in adtech are planning to get rich off selling the data of any woman attempting to secure an abortion directly to law enforcement. Here are faces of the men behind @SafeGraph. 1. @auren
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