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If you are tired of Hindu-Muslim, Fake and lies, PR and advertisement politics, miss call politics, Liquor barrons ministers, Kattar politics and Baashan politics then please join hands with Congress and bring India back into glory. Join @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @IYC @ProfCong
Ufff 🔥🔥🔥
ಸಾಗುವ ದಾರಿಯೇ ಹೇಳುತ್ತಿದೆ, ಗುರಿಯ ವೈಭವವನ್ನು #BharathAikyataYatre
Badlav Ka Baap
#GujaratAAP In Devgadhbariya assembly constituency, AAP has given ticket to a candidate who holds many records. 1. S€x tapes in brothel 2. Lives fully Drunk 3. Many criminal cases including selling Remdesivir in black during covid. Kattar clean politics by @ArvindKejriwal.
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Letter of @DKShivakumar to Rahul Ji & Bharat Yatris. Note— He along with congress leaders of Karnataka will walk daily with Rahul Ji no matter how the weather is. 🔥
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கொட்டும் மழையில் காங்கிரஸ் சார்பாக மோடி அரசிடமிருந்து இந்திய அரசியலமைப்பை பாதுகாக்க சென்னை சத்திய மூர்த்தி பவனில் இருந்து ஶ்ரீபெரம்பத்தூர் ராஜிவ்காந்தி நினைவிடம் வரை 75 கிலோ மீட்டர் நடைபயணம்
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Now can we call him Educated AAP Bhakth or paid AAP Bhakth??? Who ever he is, just following BJP steps… Nautanki in next level. 🤣🤣🤣🧠
#Kejriwal Bhakts are the upgraded version of #Andh_Bhakts. What say ?
When he can why we cannot?? Guys wherever and whenever possible pls be part of #BharatJodoYatra. This is going to be historic. Let’s take part.
Now what to tell this chinttu…. When his dad itself is God, why should he bow in front of idols??
Diverted minds during prayers in temple give gyaan to Congress' people on sanskar. Interesting.
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પરિવર્તનના સંકલ્પ સાથે અંબાજીથી નીકળેલી યુવક કોંગ્રેસની "યુવા પરિવર્તન યાત્રા" વ્યારા પહોંચતા જન સભા નું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યું... #ગુજરાત_માંગે_પરિવર્તન
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Think about it. Good or not good, Rahul is the only way out for India. Rest are all either criminal or corrupt or both.
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The reception @RahulGandhi is getting is like a rockstar- people in tears of joy, hysterical even. And how matter of fact and down to earth he is! Remarkable, in this cynical day and age…. lovely to see. Perhaps we can still hope for a change #BharatJodoYatra
True message 💙
Dear @RahulGandhi, this is my message for you...
I could walk a thousand miles for a moment like this.❤️
Hunt each and everyone.. Congress is not going to compromise anymore…
This evening a Hindi news channel ran a mischievous graphic image in connection with PFI. This was a blatant attempt to tarnish Congress party’s reputation. Our team acted at once & the reference to us was corrected immediately. Don't take the Congress party for granted any more.
Congress workers got murdered by PFI in Kerala. Never ever compromise.
Send IYC Cadres to their Office... Time for Kambal kuttai
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This is how the #BharatJodoYatris have their meals! The drivers were cooking their meals and were happy to share it with team @MahilaCongress ! This is the spirit of our Yatra !
Kujiliwal’s odd day baashan which he forgot on even days.
My sources at AAP are telling that Kejriwal is highly disturbed with this video getting viral and is now planning dramas to divert media and social media attention. I request everyone to share this video as much as you can.
Punjab lecturers and teachers in strike while CM Pegman keep flying state to state for election campaign by Punjab public money.
AAP Govt in Punjab has not paid college professors from last 4 months. They are protesting from last few weeks against the govt. But police is brutally laathi-charging on them. That’s why @ArvindKejriwal always kept repeating that “hame police de do”.
Kattar AAP to directly Gutter.. listen from him. Kejriwal is Nautanki guy
A Delhi autodriver who joined AAP in 2013 writes केजरीवाल हाय हाय on his auto. A realisation of Khujli's true colours.
This is Delhi Europe model… when people complain authority tell, it’s like this bcz no funds bcz of free electricity. Now suffer …..
कल सुबह उत्तम नगर में क्षेत्र की समस्या को उठाने के लिए, जनता के आव्हान पर , जनता की आवाज़ बनूँगा, जो साथी साथ चलना चाहे, संपर्क करे #केजरीवाल की पोल खोल @INCDelhi @Ch_AnilKumarINC जी @INCanilbhardwaj जी @LuvDatta_INC जी @LambaAlka जी #siwaroverflow @ArvindKejriwal
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What's app status of a carpenter from Telangana: Translation: She lost mother in law. She lost husband. But she never lost courage. Despite losing husband, she never left the country. Jai Sonia Gandhi ji. ❤️🙏
WhatsApp status of my Carpenter Are people coming to kno the truth ? I think BJP fake news will soon burn BJP !