Twitch Affiliate! Short, nerdy, gamer girl haha, plain and easy. Recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery.

Joined December 2020
Unfortunately I will not be able to have my 1 year affiliate stream today due to getting a concussion, will keep you informed on when I will be rescheduling!
Welp.... knocked my brains with a cupboard door and gave myself a concussion. *sigh* 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ #injury #accidentprone #concussion
On Saturday 2/12, I will be celebrating my 1 year affiliate anniversary, streaming 10 AM EST :) Drop in and say hiii! Some Minecraft, some Apex, who knows! #twitchstreamer #twitchstreaming
Guess who finally got a camera!!!! I shall be returning to streaming, and streaming from my PC for the first time soon!! #streamer #smallstreamer
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Anime fans can relate
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I have decided to never pay off my college loans.... because I do not want a damn 50+ point credit drop
final day of college, one last final and I am finally graduating! #college #collegestudent #finalsweek #graduate
*downloads book from Amazon* This says it'll take 13 hours to read..... pshh bet, not even a quarter of time will it take... totally Yoda.... Can I even English? But also bet, I can finish it in like 5 hours. #reading #readingforpleasure #books #amazonkindle
Still trying to figure out how to stream around my new daily life! Will be returning soon with BIGGGGGGGG news! #streamerlife #upgrade
I am so happy to announce... I finally got a job!!! First job since the complete tearing of my ACL! I am so excited to start this journey! That being said, my stream schedule will be a tad wonky while trying to aclimiate to working! Will be switching to evenimg streams! #employed
No stream today, class then doing HW! Will be streaming tomorrow morning! #streamer #gamer
I am a very chillaxed person.... that being said: DO NOT come into my chat and ask to put your balls in my mouth. Instant permanent ban. #furious #anger #stop