Am I nuts? So many couples whose weddings I attended are getting divorced. But I remember the vows, which we were there to witness, right? How come I feel betrayed? They're happily going their separate ways & I'm here thinking, "Hey! You said you'd never leave!"
The most expensive wedding gift I bought was several pieces of an insanely expensive china pattern for a male friend's new wife. We went there for dinner & ate on paper plates LOL. When she left she took it all. I wished I could have said, "Leave him the pieces I bought."

Jan 20, 2022 · 1:22 AM UTC

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I don’t think some people take marriage as seriously anymore. Being in love is only one aspect of a relationship. Why can’t these people work on their differences? Yeah, I’d want that gift back too!☺️
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Wedding registries are just a free gifts grift, amiright? 😆
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Hey, at least there were fewer dishes to wash.
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She sounds like a real class act.
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How long did the marriage last?
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Back in my college days, my go-to wedding gift was an ice cream maker. So many of the recipients broke up soon after that when I gave one to a co-worker I'd previously dated, she turned to her husband and said "He wants us to get a divorce!" They've been together 34 years.