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While i was growing up, he was my mothers favorite and she wanted to meet him so bad, but never got the chance, and soon after i had lost my mother, i had soon continued cheering for him for my mother, and ik if my mother was still here she would be sad #thanksjimmie
"Carl Wheezer forehead" "Jay Leno Chin" "Ass of a mannequin" "Kourtney Kardashian lips" Bruh my friend went on a roasting session.
When one goes down, you become the back up and see what you can do.
That truck would look badass in victory lane 馃槑馃憡馃徎馃弫
Pretty happy with that lap! 馃槅
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I think it's getting to the point of safe to say Early retirements will happen depending on how moderate, or severe these concussions get, because there could be a good chance they never fully recover
Never like to see #NASCAR drivers out of the Playoffs because of concussion-like symptoms. Just hope Kurt Busch and Alex Bowman are able to fully recovery, because at the end of the day that is what is most important. On the flip side, two is too many and makes me nervous.
With people talking about the cars its legitimately getting closer and closer to being 2001 nascar all over again, and this weekend is probably gonna be the one where we legitimately lose someone to a big one with these cars, and it being 2001 all over again.
Let them preach like a mf church priest.
Denny and Harvick are not going down quietly
After seeing some highlights from the Dolphins/Bengals game, FUCK THE DOLPHINS ORGANIZATION for what they did, that team deserves to have their operations shut down. Yes ik people are gonna come after me, but oh well, Tua was concussed after the Bills game
and then for this week to happen, I'm not a dolphins fan, but jfc FUCK THE MIAMI DOLPHINS.
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Fuck this season 馃槖
Another great night, with that one person.
Columbus Blue Jackets and Toronto Maple Leafs
Who is your favorite NHL team?
Damn Sherlock holmes may have cracked that one, 2 possibly now know my crushes name
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Love how one gets penalized when the other started the shit to cause this one to get penalized
NEWS: William Byron has been fined $50,000. The team has been assessed with the loss of 25 driver and 25 owners points.
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The timing of this announcement could not be any worse
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Please take me back to the great moments from this weekend, I want them again.